To Bravely go....

Written By: Jodie

Special thanks to Mel and Dizzy for their support and help in keeping these guys true to themselves, and a very grateful thank-you to Teri for allowing me to play with her characters.

(This is the threesome’s follow-up story to ‘Daring Plans’)

Kyler raced through the back porch and was about to set foot into the kitchen when Hugh’s hollered ‘shoes’ stopped him in his tracks. He toed off his deck shoes and haphazardly hung up his light jacket, or so he thought. In his rush to get upstairs, he didn’t notice it missing the hook and falling to the floor. A moment later, he was surprised to find himself face to face with a somewhat perturbed doctor, not that Patrick’s expression intimidated the young man.

“And just where have you two been?” Patrick queried, trying to keep a stern face in spite of being accosted by an excitable bouncing Brat. He took a moment to study Kyler’s face and then turned a questioning eye in Hugh’s direction.

 “There’s a lot to this evening’s events you may not be too anxious to hear about. But first we have a young partner who is in desperate need of erotic gratification. He’s on a high, Patrick.”

“Not drugs, I hope!” Patrick was flabbergasted.

“No, nothing that horrendous,” Hugh calmly hastened to assure him. He raised his voice when Kyler pushed himself out of Patrick’s clutches and headed towards the door leading to the hallway. “Not so fast, Kyler! Let Patrick see your back.”

“Okay, but I’d rather be undressing upstairs.” Kyler keenly suggested even while removing his shirt by yanking it over his head rather than undoing the buttons. He also undid the fly on his jeans and stepped out of them. Underwear and socks were also removed and tossed on the floor.

Impatient to see what Hugh was referring to, Patrick spun their naked Brat around and gently grazed his fingers over the reddened skin he found there. “What did this?” he inquired and glanced at Hugh for an answer.

“Kyler decided against sharing the fact that the club he and his cohorts were going to was holding their monthly fetish party. More poor decisions followed. Isn’t that right, Kyler?” The older man merely rolled his eyes when his question elicited nothing more than a flirtatious giggle. “Our boy met someone with a flogger.”

Patrick groaned and shook his head in disbelief. “Well whoever was wielding it must have known what they were doing,” he muttered as he examined Kyler’s back. “No abrasions and no sign of bruising, although the skin is still a little warm to the touch.”

Hugh walked over and caressed the heated skin, while Kyler squirmed under their hands. “Upstairs, Brat!” he ordered, landing a vigorous swat on the young man’s bare clad bottom. There was no need for him to repeat the directive.

“What are we going to do about these latest transgressions?” Patrick quietly asked as the sound of running footsteps faded.

“At the moment, not a thing. All can be discussed in the morning.” Hugh embraced his partner and passionately kissed him. The kiss was returned with an equal amount of fervor. “I wasn’t expecting you to be home before us. Usually when you get called out for an emergency, you’re gone most the night,” he murmured several moments later, his forehead pressed against Patrick’s.

“A toddler needed a few stitches. It was the calming of his mother that took the most time. But I’m ready for bed now.”

“I hope you aren’t planning to sleep because we’ve a young lover who is right now waiting for us to satisfy his sexual fantasies.” Hugh enticingly squeezed one of Patrick’s butt cheeks.

“Oh, I think I can stay awake long enough to assist you in that endeavor,” Patrick lightheartedly teased as he pulled away and stooped to gather up Kyler’s scattered clothing.

They walked up to the master suite together and chuckled at the sight of their younger partner stretched out of the bed with a dreamy expression on his face and a fully erect penis in his hand.

“Leave that alone, Kyler,” Hugh growled. “We'll take care of it.” Neither of the older men was long in stripping and then joining their antsy lover.

Quite a while later, two Tops were supporting a well-sated Brat in the shower. Patrick gently washed Kyler’s hair at the same time that Hugh was sponging down the young man’s sweaty body.

Patrick wondered about Kyler’s sudden quietness, but Hugh had a strong suspicion of what might be happening with their partner. It was when they were back in bed that his hunch was confirmed.

Hugh felt the tremors running through Kyler and calmly queried, “What is it, babe?” He knew his Brat was crashing, somewhat harder than he would have anticipated.

“I’m so sorry,” came the muffled reply as Kyler buried his face deeper into Hugh’s shoulder.

“For?” Hugh sensed Patrick’s interest, even though the other man remained silent.

“Everything that happened tonight; everything I did that I shouldn’t have,” Kyler mumbled, his sadness very much evident.

“I think you should list your errors in judgment.”

“To begin with, I should have told you about the fetish thing,” the young man ruefully admitted.

“Why didn’t you?” Hugh maintained a soothing tenor while gently rubbing circles on Kyler’s back.

“I was afraid you’d say no,” Kyler grudgingly confessed.

“That’s too bad, because your fear was unwarranted. I would have accompanied you had I known.”

“Really?” Kyler lifted his head and stared in shock at his older partner while Patrick barely prevented himself from expressing his surprise. “Would you have played a part? Maybe by being my Dom?” the younger of the two rather astonished men asked.

“Well, I’m not too sure about that. I guess it would have depended on how the evening had proceeded.”

Kyler dropped his head and sighed at the realization of just how much he'd probably lost as a result of not being totally up front with his partners. “And I’d even decided against participating before we left for the club,” he lamented.

“But allowed Cameron’s dare to prod you into permitting a stranger to flog you,” Hugh meaningfully reminded him.

“Oh, Ky, not another dare,” Patrick murmured, his disappointment obvious. “Do you have any idea at all of the potential danger you put yourself in?”

Kyler merely nodded and whispered a heartfelt, “I’m sorry. As much as I want to, I can’t change it now.” The guilt was threatening to overwhelm him and he didn’t know how to make things better. “I kinda thought letting a woman touch me wouldn’t be as bad as letting a man do it, but it was; even though I pretended it was Hugh doing it. I felt that letting someone touch me was even worse than accepting the dare.” Tears started falling in earnest at that point.

After sending a silent message to Patrick, Hugh nodded, gently slid Kyler off his chest and got to his feet. Both men acknowledged that this matter had to be cleared up as soon as possible. There was no way they’d let it hang over their Brat until morning.

The older man fetched a pair of boxers out of his dresser and slipped them on. “Come with me, Kyler,” he ordered.

It was an unhappy man who reluctantly obeyed the directive and walked over to his dresser in search of clean underwear.

“Don’t bother, Kyler. You’re not going to need them,” Hugh informed him and lead the way out of the room and downstairs to the study. 

Patrick purposely decided to stay where he was. He felt it was best if Hugh handled the situation as he’d been the one doing most the questioning. Besides, hard as it was to admit, Patrick did not think himself capable of watching the daunting penalty he instinctively knew his fellow Top was going to hand out. He’d seen the resolve in the older man’s expression and his heart went out to him.

Kyler was a minute or two behind Hugh and missed seeing what had been removed from the bottom drawer of the desk. He quietly closed the door and turned around. He blanched when he saw what his Top was holding. Neither of his partners had ever physically punished him with anything other than their hand.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered tearfully, wiping at his eyes.

“I know you are. I am too. I’d hoped there’d never be a need to use this, but I am determined to break you of this dangerous habit you seem unable to break on your own. Do you understand, Kyler?” Hugh sat down and placed the paddle beside him. He wasn’t one iota happier about any of this than was his young partner but knew he couldn’t afford to appear at all lenient. “This inability to ignore dares is about to come to a screeching halt. You’re about to find out just how serious I am concerning this matter.”

Intimately studying the older man’s face, Kyler knew he could refuse to comply. He knew he could walk out of the room. He chose not to. The guilt wouldn’t let him. He needed this and on some level, badly wanted it. He also trusted both his Tops to never cause him harm. Pain when warranted, yes; but never harm. Even still, he was afraid of the unknown. Yet he stoically made his way towards the impending punishment.

Hugh was humbled by the amount of trust his young partner was exhibiting. He took both Kyler’s hands in his and looked up at the conscience-stricken man in front of him. “Sometime tomorrow, Kyler, you will be sitting on a rather tender backside and writing lines that pertain to you deliberately withholding information.”

Kyler merely nodded, too inundated with rioting emotions to verbalize his agreement. Shame, sorrow, guilt, self-disappointment all vied for attention.

“Right now, however, you are going to be soundly spanked for allowing a stranger to touch what belongs to Patrick and me despite knowing we’d disapprove of such conduct. You are then going to be paddled for that bloody ‘dare’ business.” Sensing Kyler’s understandable fear, Hugh firmly hauled his naked Brat down across his thighs and immediately raised his right arm, bringing it down hard with a resounding smack. There was no other warning given, nor was there a slow but steady build-up. He spanked hard and fast from the first wallop.

It only took a couple of swats to start the tears flowing again, only now they were accompanied by yelps and a struggling body. Kyler couldn’t help but kick his legs and try to get out of the way of what felt like a hand of steel. He was a mess by the time that hand stopped falling and found it almost impossible to catch his breath.

Unfortunately, there was more to come as Hugh picked up the paddle. He applied six brisk whacks to an extremely sore bottom, eliciting raspy cries of pain from the very repentant man over his lap. He tossed what he hoped would become a redundant implement unto the coffee table and set about comforting his sobbing partner.

Hugh knew the spanking and subsequent paddling were nowhere near as harsh as they could have been, but he also realized Kyler had no way of appreciating that fact as he had no comparison to make. He stretched out on the sofa and dragged Kyler along with him. Then he pulled the soft afghan off the headrest to cover them both.

It took quite a while for Kyler to calm down and zone out. His butt was on fire, but overall he was feeling much better. While this sometimes confused him, he didn’t question it. He was content just to accept it. His world had been set back on its’ axis and that’s all that matter at this point in time. He was resting face-down across his chastiser’s, now comforter’s, body and wrapped in a cocoon of warmth. Strong arms surrounded him, letting him know he’d been forgiven; making him feel cared-for and well loved.   

The heart-wrenching sobs had ebbed by the time Patrick entered the study. He grimaced when he saw the paddle and hastily returned it to the desk drawer and out of sight, hopefully never to be brought out again. Sitting down on the coffee table, he reached over and tenderly raked his fingers through Kyler’s damp hair. He gazed into Hugh’s tired looking face and sighed deeply.

“Check him out, love, please,” Hugh quietly requested.

Patrick did his lover’s bidding and softly whistled at the sight of the reddened bottom. He put out a hand to lightly touch the skin and felt the heat radiating from it. But as painful as it looked, there was no permanent damage done and no evidence of bruising. “He’ll be all right, Hugh,” the doctor assured his partner.

“Let’s get him upstairs then.”

Once settled in bed, the adrenalin rush Hugh had been experiencing dissipated and left him in a rather mellow state of mind.

With their Brat slumbering peacefully between them, Hugh and Patrick spent several minutes reflectively discussing the evening’s events. Both happy it was behind them.

Just as they were falling asleep, a recollection popped into Hugh’s head causing him to snort with laughter.

“What’s that for?” Patrick inquired, suspecting more of this evening’s tomfoolery was about to be shared.

“You probably would have been as royally entertained as I was, albeit a bit embarrassed, by our Brat’s babbling on the drive home from the club.” Hugh’s rendition of what had taken place during that car ride kept the two older men awake for a while longer. But sleep finally won out and fortunately their quiet conversation hadn’t disturbed their Brat’s slumber.


The next day found Kyler working on the second part of his punishment. He felt the arm dropping on his shoulder and leaned into the warm hug. He’d lost count as to how many times this had happened over the past few hours but still relished the comfort and encouragement being offered.

“How’s it going, sweetheart?” Hugh inquired, looking at the sheet of paper Kyler was presently writing on.

“Only a few left to do.” Kyler momentarily put down his pencil and stretched his fingers.

“Good man.” Hugh placed a light kiss on Kyler’s head and went back to folding the last load of laundry.

They’d spent most the morning within reach of each other. Hugh had made breakfast while Kyler had called a few clients and rearranged his schedule for the week, enabling him to free up the day. Patrick had long since left for the clinic after once again checking Kyler’s backside, so the two of them had eaten together while standing at the kitchen counter.

After placing a tablet and pencils in front of Kyler with a directive to write out the statement at the top of the page two hundred times, Hugh had set about ‘puttering’ as Patrick would call it. The older man stayed close by, only leaving the room to go downstairs when the washer or dryer needed emptying.

It had briefly entered Kyler’s head to ask why he’d been allowed to write his lines standing up, but he figured it might be better not to push his luck. He was sure there was a reason behind it and that he’d probably find out eventually. He shifted uncomfortably. His legs were getting tired and his hand hurt, but even so he plugged away at his assignment.

Another ten minutes and Kyler wrote for the last time, ‘From now on when seeking approval to go out for the evening, I will not only inform my partners of my whereabouts but also the details of the type of venue and any activities I plan to participate in’. He heaved out a deep sigh of relief, dropped his pencil and gathered up the sheets of papers.

It had taken him over four and a half hours to complete the task. He’d made sure not to skip any lines. He’d pulled that stunt once before, thinking his Top wouldn’t notice. Fat chance! He’d received a hefty swat for each line he’d intentionally omitted and knew his butt wouldn’t be able to handle that kind of attention. 

“It’s done, Hugh,’ Kyler happily announced as he held up his lists and waved them in the air.

“Good man,” Hugh praised, reaching for the assignment. “Now go upstairs and get dressed. We’ve an errand to run in Kelowna.”

“What!” Kyler suddenly understood why he’d been allowed to stand. “That’s a ninety minute drive!” Where he normally enjoyed outings with his partner, at the moment he was far from thrilled with the idea.

“Yes, it is. You might want to bring a pillow along.”

There was obviously no great amount of empathy from that quarter, so Kyler huffed and turned on his heel. He grumbled the entire time while reluctantly adhering to his Top’s instructions.

“You can be mean at times, ya know, Hugh,” Kyler complained as he shifted once again to find a way to sit without putting too much pressure on his still very tender rear end. Although this Top of his could seem harsh at times, Kyler knew beyond a doubt that he was cherished despite his shortcomings.

“Hmm, the aftermath of making bad choices aren’t pleasant, are they?” Hugh reached over to lovingly squeeze Kyler’s knee. “We’ll be there soon, babe. I think you’re going to find the trip was worth it.” He smiled at the thought of the surprise he had in store for his unique and dearly loved Brat.

By the time Hugh finally pulled over to the curb and turned off the engine, it felt like it had been hours since they’d left the house. Kyler couldn’t wait to get out of the car. He stood on the sidewalk in this strange area of town and looked around in confusion at what appeared to be a row of abandoned shops or small warehouses. “There’s nothin’ here!”

“It’s not easily recognized from the street, sweetheart.” Hugh took Kyler’s arm and steered him towards the building and through a door that opened up to a world of absolute delight for anyone interested in expanding their fetish fantasies. Unknown to either man, this store had been patronized by several other Jade Heights citizens.

Kyler just stared, wide-eyed and completely tongue-tied. He was startled by a voice booming across the large room.

“Can I be of any help?”

“Whoa!” Kyler exclaimed upon recognizing the man behind the counter. “You were one of the monitors at the party last night!”

“That’s right! I’m George and I am a member of the BDSM community. I am also the owner of this establishment.”

“Oh, right. I’m Kyler and this is my partner, Hugh. He’ll have to tell you why we’re here as I’m kinda afraid to guess in case I’m disappointed.”

George smiled and shook hands with the elder of his two customers before glancing back at Kyler. “You’re the newbie Sophie was playing with, aren’t you?” Getting a slight nod, he continued. “I gotta tell you, young man, you’d never find a better person for your initiation to the joys of flogging.”

Kyler smiled and looked up at Hugh. “Bet I could,” he murmured.

Hugh wrapped a beefy arm around Kyler’s waist and pulled him closer. He would have been more demonstrative had they not been in a public place. “We’re here to purchase a couple of floggers, George.” He felt a startled jolt against his side and grinned. “You can do the choosing, Brat,” he whispered for Kyler’s ears only. “We’ll see just how well Sophie taught you.”

“You’re gonna use it on me, right?”

“Of course.”



Fighting to control his excitement, Kyler took his time picking out the items he thought would be most suitable. He first chose a handcrafted flogger made of light gray deer hide on an eight inch leather-covered handle. It had a dozen tails approximately ten inches in length and weighing just under a pound. His second choice was soft suede flogger attached to a free-moving swivel type handle that allowed the lashes to spin freely so they wouldn’t get easily tangle. This particular model had half-inch wide lashes, sixteen inches long for use in tighter spaces like bedrooms.

George had instinctively picked-up on the older man having possibly been a Dom at one time, but had no way of knowing Hugh’s level of expertise, if any. And of course he already knew the younger man was a novice wanting to explore.

“Those are excellent choices,” he encouraged, and went on to offer his own vast experience with the items placed before him. He nodded his approval when Hugh plunked down another item. It was a nice rabbit hide flogger designed for sensitive areas, four small three-inch lashes hanging from a five-inch handle and perfect for delivering those extra sensations to more delicate parts of a sub’s body.

“I think we need something else,” Kyler mused. “Handcuffs, cause I don’t think I’ll be able to hold still for long.”

“Don’t worry, babe. I already have a bondage idea in mind.”

When Hugh didn’t elaborate, Kyler wisely held off from asking. His trust in this man as his partner, lover and Top was without reservation. Equally so was his trust in him as his soon to be Dom and he wanted Hugh to know that. He also wanted more surprises when they finally got around to playing out a scene.

It was on the drive home that Kyler remembered something that had been niggling at the back of his brain. “I think I had a nightmare last night,” he mumbled, voicing his thought out loud.

“What about?” Hugh asked, dividing his attention between the road and his partner.

“Well, you and I were driving; it was dark and I am pretty sure it had been raining. I mostly recall babbling about some rather private stuff. Thing is, I have a feeling we were not alone in the car.”

“It wasn’t your nightmare, Kyler. It was mine!” Hugh grumbled and rolled his eyes.

“Huh?” Kyler sounded bewildered.

“We were driving home from the club, you were nattering non-stop about our sex life, and we did have passengers.”

“Passengers? Oh man, let me guess. Chad and Cameron, right?” Kyler cringed at the thought. “Why didn’t you shut me up?”

“Well, short of gagging you and tying your hands behind your back so you couldn’t remove the gag, there wasn’t too much I could do about it.” Hugh chuckled at his Brat’s groan of mortification. “It was no big deal, sweetheart. You were on an endorphin high and completely uninhibited by conventional forms of decorum. You merely veered off from your normal behaviour. And while Cameron may have believed some of your detailed chronicles of our bedroom activities, I’m sure Chad realized there was a good deal of exaggeration involved. In all honesty, I have to confess to getting somewhat ill at ease when you began spouting off measurements of mine and Patrick’s ‘junk’ as you called it. But fortunately we arrived at our guests’ home just as the entertainment value of your blathering was rapidly changing from mildly uncomfortable to painfully awkward.”

“Oh my God, I am so sorry, Hugh.” Kyler hid his face in his hands and softly inquired, “Am I in trouble?”

“If you were, love, I would have already brought up the issue. Now forget about it. Like I said, it was no big deal.”

Kyler pulled his legs up so he could lay his head on his knees. He was having a hard time coming to grips with his appalling performance. How could Hugh be so nonchalant about it? And what would Patrick say if he ever found out?

“Kyler!” Hugh growled menacingly. “I told you to stop fretting about it, and I expect to be obeyed! Understood?”

“Yes, sir!” Kyler bolted upright and let his feet slip down to the floor. He immediately began work on curtailing his brooding. Glancing over at his Top, he knew from Hugh’s expression that the subject matter better be dropped or else. So he focused on another happier topic. “How about we pick up a pizza for supper?”

“No! I have a chicken fricot in the slow cooker.”

“With dumplings?”


“Guess we’re gonna want to build up stamina for tonight’s scene, huh?” Kyler lay back against the head rest and closed his eyes. A wistful smile lit up his face as he imagined the fun this evening had in store for them.


Kyler was going crazy. Hugh had insisted they keep their planned activity a surprise for Patrick, and the younger man had narrowly missed letting the cat out of the bag a couple of times. The fact that he was impatient and couldn’t sit still wasn’t at all helpful.

“Whatever is the matter with you, Kyler? You’re fidgeting as if you’re anxious about something. Exactly what have you been up to?” Patrick wanted to know, eyeing his Brat suspiciously.

“How could he have been up to anything, Patrick? He spent the entire day with me,” Hugh answered while sending their young partner a silent message to smarten up and settle down.

“Humph, you probably let him fill up on all kinds of junk food. He’s going to be flying high for hours yet.”  Patrick was buttering a roll and missed the smirk Kyler sent Hugh’s way. The good doctor had no idea of how close he was to the truth.

“I guess that’s true. You’d likely consider lunch at the DQ followed by an ice cream sundae as unhealthy and a food type that could wind a person up,” Hugh readily agreed and winked at Kyler.

“It certainly wasn’t the healthiest choice you could have made.” Patrick muttered and shook his head, but kept his smile hidden. His half-hearted protest let his partners know he wasn’t overly put out by their selection. Although still convinced they were keeping something from him, he decided not to push it. He knew from past experience that he’d find out in due time.

Finally the meal was over and the kitchen put to rights. It was not a minute too soon for Kyler as he raced up the stairs closely trailed by his two Tops.

They quickly striped and showered, customarily preparing for an evening of love-making; or so Patrick thought.

The two older men slipped on briefs at Hugh’s suggestion while Kyler remained naked.

“I’ve something to confess, Patrick,” Hugh began, tossing an unmarked plastic bag on the bed and sitting down. “Make yourself comfortable,” he suggested. “Both of you please,” he added when Kyler appeared reluctant to settle down and just listen.

“Patrick, I have a little more experience in the BDSM scene than I let on a couple of weeks ago when the subject was first brought up. I was what some might refer to as a Dom-in-training during my university days. Clarence, who I told you about, was more than a good friend; he was my mentor.”

“Why did you stop?” Kyler asked, suddenly all ears.

“I decided being a Dom was not something I wanted to pursue. I didn’t care for one night stands or even short-lived relationship with temporary subs. I realized I wanted more. I wanted a full relationship complete with the love, the caretaking, the privilege of supporting the one I love in his efforts to fulfill his aspirations in life, the joy of watching him grow with the help of my guidance and discipline. Eventually I determined there was no longer a need for me to expand what ability I’d managed to acquire and I eventually stopped attending the club. Clarence and I still remained good friends for quite a while longer.”     

“Why have you never told me about all this, Hugh?” Patrick looked a little hurt.

“Because I never thought I’d be revisiting that part of my life, love. It just lost its’ importance for a few years. But our relationship is shifting somewhat with Kyler’s interest in the scene. So I think it’s time I polish my somewhat limited skills.” Hugh handed the unopened package to Patrick. “Look and see what Kyler and I purchased today.”

Even though he’d grudgingly accepted the logic behind Hugh’s explanation, Patrick still glanced a bit apprehensively between his two partners for a brief moment before dumping the contents of the bag onto the bed. The expression of utter shock that crossed his face caused Kyler to burst out laughing. He tentatively picked up the smallest item and held it at arm’s length, wondering if he was prepared for this sudden change in their relationship.

“I take it you plan to use this?” he questioned unnecessarily.

“I do.” Hugh struggled to appear less amused and a lot more serious.

“And just where did you imagine I’d fit into the picture? I certainly have no intention of ever wielding one of these things.” Patrick dropped the flogger as if it was burning his fingers.

“Well, I was hoping you’d be willing to act as our bondage equipment.”

This comment startled even Kyler who up until now had been listening intently to the conversation. “Whoa, how’s that gonna work?” he inquired before Patrick had a chance to.

“Come over here with me and I’ll show you,” Hugh invited, getting off the bed and moving towards the big leather recliner-rocker in the corner. “You sit down first, Patrick, and get comfortable with the chair as far back as it will go. Kyler, straddle him face down so he can wrap his legs around yours and hold your arms up over your head.” He waited until the other men were in position. “And voila, Patrick becomes your very own human St. Andrews cross.”

Kyler shifted to get as comfortable as possible, using his elbows and knees to keep from being a dead weight on the man beneath him. He grinned up at Patrick and dropped a quick kiss on his lips. “I kinda like this!” he zealously exclaimed. “Ready anytime you are, Hugh. Or should I make that, Sir?”

“’Sir’ is as it should be, boy!” Hugh agreed, leaning closer and murmuring in his sub’s ear. “And you are forbidden to cum until you receive permission to so do. Now, what is your safe word?”

“I trust you, Sir. I don’t need one.”

“Safe word!” Hugh firmly insisted, landing a painful swat on Kyler’s bare butt.

“Jade,” the younger man yelped. He wanted to reach around and rub at the handprint burning there, but was unable to do so.
Patrick waited and watched with his gaze momentarily captivated by the implement dangling from Hugh’s right hand, while wordlessly praying Hugh knew what he was doing. He quickly found himself mesmerized by the older man’s dominant stance and was pleased to ascertain he’d actually had little to fear. ‘After all,’ he silently reasoned, ‘we both love our beloved Brat with every fiber of our beings and neither of us would ever do anything to harm him.’

He looked up and locked eyes with Hugh. He relaxed when he saw the understanding and acceptance of the temporary misgivings assailing him. He returned the smile that let him know the moment that Hugh realized he’d come to grips with those reservations. Patrick’s eyes slowly moved down Hugh’s athletic body, taking in the mass of dark curls on the broad chest that tapered downward to hide below the waistband of the boxers hanging low on the bigger man’s hips. Not surprisingly, the sight was arousing.

Hugh nodded as Patrick’s gaze returned to meet his and he stepped back to lay the soft sensual deer skin flogger across Kyler’s back, keeping it there and allowing Kyler time to imagine what it was going to feel like. Then he began making it slowly rise and fall to build anticipation and sensitize the area.

Kyler sighed contentedly as he gave himself up to the sensations caused by the rhythmic caress of the flogger. He lifted himself up in order to better feel the kiss of each tail and delight in the building heat.   

Hugh took his time, keeping a close eye on Kyler. He switched to the suede flogger and gradually increased the strength and speed. He grinned when seeing the dreamy expression on Kyler’s face. One would almost think the young man was floating.

Patrick observed in silence, marveling at this before unseen side of his fellow-Top and a bit in awe of Hugh’s ability to dominate in this manner. As Kyler slipped into sub-space, the good doctor gently stroked his Brat’s arms and offered loving words of encouragement.

It didn’t take long for the endorphin rush to hit. Kyler moaned out Hugh’s name as he raised himself higher to meet the flogger, relishing the sting of the implement rhythmically falling across his back. He started giggling and grinding his erection against Patrick’s, their pre-com wetting the front of Patrick’s boxers.

“Up you get, boy,” Hugh instructed, helping Kyler to stand. “You haven’t been given permission to cum yet, remember?” he asked as he guided his unsteady sub over to their bed and made him lie down. Hugh was confident in his Brat retaining this state of euphoria for quite some time yet.

Moving around to the other side of the bed, he crooked a finger at Patrick. “I’d like you to come here, love. But you might want to remove your boxers first.”

Patrick did Hugh’s bidding, a little curious as to just where this was leading. At his partner’s insistence, he stretched out next to Kyler, but bolted upward when he saw the smaller rabbit-hide flogger in Hugh’s hand. “And exactly what are your plans for that?” he asked somewhat determinedly.

“You’ve taken on extra hours again, Patrick, due to one of your colleagues being ill and another away on holiday. You’re stressed out and you’re overtired due to not sleeping properly. I’d like to try something that I hope might alleviate some of that.”

“I’m not a sub, Hugh. I don’t consider the acquisition of a Dom in any way appealing.”

“Those are not the roles I expect either of us to take with each other, my love.”

“Then exactly what are you asking me to do, Hugh?” Patrick eyes narrowed as his suspicions grew.

Up to now, Kyler had been watching the exchange with a great deal of interest. He laid his hand on his Top’s arm and calmly said, “I think he’s asking you to trust him, Patrick.”

Patrick’s expression softened when his younger lover’s words hit home. He blushed, humbled by the amount of trust this young man place in both his partners and by the realization that he should be exhibiting the same. He slowly rolled unto his stomach and grabbed his pillow to bunch under his head.

Hugh began by unhurriedly caressing Patrick’s body from shoulder to toe with the extra soft delicate flogger. It took several minutes for the signs of diminishing tension to put in an appearance. It took even more time for Patrick to reach the stage where a change of floggers was called for, and a great deal longer still for the endorphins to kick in and send him flying.

Hugh wasn’t at all surprised by this as he accepted Patrick’s mindset as being so much different from Kyler’s. All the same, the older man was more than pleased with the results. He put aside the implements he’d been playing with and straddled Patrick’s thighs. Leaning over his back, he softly blew in Patrick’s ear before inquiring, “How are you feeling, love?”

“Like a bowl of jelly,” the other man barely managed to breathe out.

Hugh moved back until his was bent over the lower part of Patrick’s body. Then he slowly run his tongue from the top of the cleft between two beautiful rounded globes, up Patrick’s spine and ending at the nape of his neck, where he nibbled for a couple of seconds. “Hmm, you don’t taste like jelly,” he teased.

“Just sweat, huh”

“Eau de Patrick.” Hugh chuckled at the sound emanating from the man beneath him. It was so out of character as his fellow-Top was definitely not a giggler. He dropped a light kiss on Patrick’s head. “Think you can sleep now?”

The response of 'uh-huh' was almost unheard.

Hugh glanced over at Kyler, made note of the still somewhat dazed appearance, and crawled in between his two lovers. Leaving Patrick to bliss out in peace, he turned his attention to satisfying the sexual needs of his youngest partner.

“Good job, boy, to wait so patiently. I promise to make it worth your while.” Hugh tweaked Kyler’s nipples, causing them to harden. Next he ever so slowly ran his fingertips lightly down his young lover’s quivering stomach until he reached his pulsing erection. Bending closer, he licked along the underside of the shaft before scraping his teeth over the now exposed head while fondling the sac below it.

“Please, Sir,” Kyler softly pleaded as his fingers repeatedly opened and closed around the bed sheet he had clutched in his hands to keep from touching his Dom until he received permission to do so. He felt the hot, wet mouth surrounding his engorged member and was soon howling out an orgasm that left him simultaneously laughing and crying. 

Sometime later, Hugh lay awake with a self-satisfied smile on his face and thought about all that had transpired over the last couple of hours. He’d tried his hand at being a Dom again and succeeded in fulfilling one partner’s fantasy. As for the second partner, well looks like he’d discovered a new stress-reliever. He smiled when Kyler shifted slightly and nestled even closer against his right side. As he listened to the younger man’s light snoring, he felt Patrick’s head move next to his left shoulder. 

“Thank you, my darling,” Patrick whispered sleepily.

“Anytime, sweetheart,” Hugh tightened his embrace. “It was my pleasure.”

The End

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