“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Kyler muttered to himself as he stared unbelievingly at the screen in front of him. He slouched in his chair and closed his eyes in utter misery. The rules were cast in stone and yet somehow he had inadvertently managed to break a big one.

Several weeks ago, he had been given permission to chat in a group he’d joined. It helped occupy his time when both his partners were away from home and he was left to his own devices. Hugh and Patrick had been adamant about him not giving out any personal information, and he had solemnly promised not to do so. He was sure he had stuck to the agreement. So how the hell did it happen that he now found himself in this horrendous mess?

“You can join that group and chat,” Patrick had said. “But make sure you play within our safety rules. You know what they are.”

Hugh had been much more explicit. “Let me repeat so there is no excuse for not knowing. No personal info, kiddo. And I mean none! Do not tell anyone where you live or where you work; do not mention even your friends’ names or where they work. Understand? And never give out your address, phone number or your bank and credit card details. Is that absolutely clear?”

“Crystal!” had been Kyler’s immediate response, and he had meant it.

It had all started several weeks back when Hugh and Patrick got busier than usual and Kyler’s boredom was leading him astray. After much persuasion and negotiations, it was decided he could have extra internet privileges provided a few guidelines were adhered to. He had quickly made some interesting new friends and was learning things he hadn’t known before.

Kyler’s understanding of the reasons behind his partners absences didn’t completely eradicate his feelings of abandonment. At times he felt resentful and even angry. Soon he was spending a great deal more time online than had been agreed to. Three or four others in a conversation formed as small side group and it was with these men that Kyler became intrigued with a couple of lifestyles. Ones he had only ever briefly read about but had never talked about to anyone. Reading about the day-by-day activities of these relationships really piqued his curiosity.

Then two weeks ago, one of the men singled him out and started talking to him one-on-one. This man had told him they sounded like they might be about the same age and they hit if off right away. Somehow both of them seemed to share many similar interests. Had Kyler let his guard down during one of their lengthy conversation? Because this evening, when the man had insisted on seeing him in person, Kyler had begun to wonder if the man had been leading him on.

“He can’t know who I am or where I live,” Kyler reminded himself. “He’s probably just pulling my leg.” Still, it left him feeling stressed and worried about his partners finding out. “I gotta get out for a while,” he grumbled as he shut down the computer.

He checked on supper, grabbed up a small yellow pad of post-it notes, scribbled a brief message that said ‘batting balls’, stuck it on the refrigerator and headed out the back door.


“Is that a note from Ky?” Patrick asked as he came into the kitchen.

“Yes,” Hugh replied, sticking the small piece of paper back on the refrigerator. “It says ‘batting balls’, which I interpret to mean he is none too happy about being left alone and has gone to search for company.”

Patrick went to wash his hands at the sink, before sauntering over to the counter to lift the lid on the crockpot and peek inside. “I’m sorry I got stuck again today.”

“It’s not your fault,” Hugh said easily.

“I just don’t know why admin did not start looking for a replacement much earlier. I mean, everyone knew George would be retiring and we would need someone to take his place. Jeez, he has been gone almost a month and we still do not have any good candidates.”

Hugh stepped closer to give Patrick a squeeze. “You are working way too hard, Dr. Dean!”

“And so are you,” Patrick said. “How’s the training coming along?”

“Quite good actually,” Hugh’s tone was enthusiastic. “I have picked out two who have a high chance at the national trials. I have really pushed them these past few weeks, but no one is complaining. I think the thought of qualifying for the national team and actually getting to the Olympics in London is a real motivator.”

“Not to mention their hard-assed, hard-driving but gorgeous coach,” Patrick teased.

“Hmm, shall I take that as a compliment?” Hugh reached for Patrick and they kissed briefly.

“Call Ky on his cell phone,” Patrick suggested after they broke apart. “I’m starving!”

“No need,” Hugh replied. “He’s just pulled into the yard.”

A couple of minutes passed as the two men listened to their younger partner’s arrival; running footsteps on the back steps, followed by the slamming of the screen seconds before Kyler rushed into the kitchen.  

“Hey neat, you didn’t start without me! Hope you don’t mind waiting a bit longer, ‘cause I’m in a bit of a hurry. I’ll be right with you as soon as I wash up.” Kyler flashed them both a sassy grin. “There are fresh rolls from the bakery in the bread box and a tossed salad already made up in the refrigerator.” he called over his shoulder on his way out of the room and to the bathroom in the lower hall.

Hugh raised one eyebrow and Patrick let his mouth slowly close from his half-formed ‘Hello’. They exchanged a quick look.

Kyler returned to the kitchen to find his partners still standing there and looking in his direction. He glanced back over his shoulder and then back at them with a quizzical expression. “Whaaat?”

Patrick opened his arms. “How about a hug, babe? Do you think you have time for that?”

“Sure thing!” Kyler’s enthusiastic response included both a hard squeeze and a kiss.

Hugh came over and threw his arms over both his partners. “Missed you too, Brat!” He landed a swift but harmless swat on Kyler’s bottom. “And next time mind your manners. We don’t breeze past one another without at least a civil greeting.”

Kyler gave Hugh a hasty peck on the cheek. “Well, I said I was in a hurry. I had to pee really bad. I was hot and thirsty after ball practice so I drove through McD’s and bought a bladder buster drink. I gulped it all down on the drive home. That size pop sure came by its’ name honestly.” He quickly finished setting food on the table while Patrick filled water glasses and Hugh fetched the rolls and butter.

Plunking himself down in his chair, Kyler eagerly began to fill his plate. “Man, I’m hungry! My stomach is gnawing at my backbone.”

Hugh and Patrick exchanged another look.

“Didn’t you eat lunch?” Hugh inquired.

“Not much. I picked up a sandwich and a bag of chips at the corner store.”

“Not to mention that bladder-buster drink, whatever that is,” Patrick said with a frown. “I don’t want to nag but you really should not have filled up with all that sugar just before dinner, Ky.” Patrick paused to watch Kyler shove a heaped spoonful of food into his mouth. “Well, at least it is not impacting your appetite.”

Other than a grin, Kyler didn’t respond. He was too busy eating.

“Slow down, Ky,” Patrick advised as he reached for the bowl of salad. “You seem to be going at warp speed. What’s going on?”

“Just famished is all,” Kyler explained after washing down a mouthful of food with his water.

“Where did you go to play ball?” Hugh asked.

“At the ‘Play Ball’ indoor batting cages. I really need the practice.”

“Who with?”

“I went alone.” Kyler buttered his third roll and took a large bite.

“Umm, ah-huh.” Hugh nodded, chewing slowly. “How was work today? Busy?”

“Kinda, but I finished early in spite of having a mega amount to do at the electric company,” Kyler answered around a partially chewed chunk of bread.

“Tell me about it,” Patrick said with a sigh. “I am up to my ears in cases and no light at the end of the tunnel.”

Hugh re-filled all their glasses. “You can only do so much Patrick.”

Patrick grinned. “I know. I just feel in the mood to grumble.”

“Things will eventually ease out once they find a new doctor for George.” Hugh turned to their younger partner and looked at him. “So babe, what else did you do today?”

“Not much.” Kyler shrugged his shoulders.

“What time did you get home?

“Hmm, shortly after four, I think.” Kyler glanced suspiciously from one partner to another. “Are you guys giving me the third degree or something?”

“No, we are just having a polite conversation at the dinner table and catching up with one another like we do every day. Isn’t that so?” Hugh paused, obviously waiting for a response.

“Just sounded a bit like you’d thought I’d done something wrong,” Kyler griped and concentrated on wiping the last of the gravy off his plate with his roll.

Patrick looked surprised while Hugh frowned.

“Is there something you need to tell us?” Hugh asked quietly.

“No. Well, not exactly. I do have a couple of questions for you though.” Although feeling a little guilty about not sharing his problem with his partners. Kyler had still not been able to come up with a reasonable explanation as to how someone online would learn of where he lived.

Patrick tensed slightly.

“Okay, you know I’ve been talking to a few guys on-line, right?” Kyler continued, desperately opting for a distraction. Fortunately it was a subject he was essentially drawn to. “And I told you some of them live some very interesting lifestyles. Real different ones; like ours. I don’t know if any are in a threesome ‘cause it’s not that common. I mean, it’s not as if there’s a threesome living on every block in town.”

“That’s true,” Hugh responded cautiously.

Kyler finished off his water and pushed back from the table in order to loosen his belt. He rubbed his stomach appreciatively. “Anyway, there is one guy who is very open about his relationship. He is a sub who likes to meet different Doms at a club he goes to. I know zilch about the subject, but was wondering if either of you have ever dabbled in BDSM?”

He gazed expectantly at each of his Tops in turn, and then burst out laughing loud at the expressions on their handsome faces. Patrick looked like he’d been smacked on the side of the head with an ax handle, while Hugh actually seemed to be contemplating what some might see as a preposterous idea.

Patrick looked over at Hugh a little curiously. “Not me,” he declared. “And if you have, it’ll be news to me.”

Hugh gave a lop-sided grin. He ignored Patrick’s comments and spoke to Kyler instead. “Why the sudden interest?”

“Oh, it’s just something this guy on the net has been talking about lately. It kinda got me wondering if there was a chance that one or both of you might know something about the scene.” Kyler’s attention was mainly focused on Hugh.

“Well, a lot of it you can read or research on the internet. Personally I have never practiced this kind of lifestyle, nor do I want to.”

 “Oh my God, I am definitely not attracted to it as far as taking up the lifestyle on a daily bases!” Kyler screwed up his face. He found the very idea somewhat unnerving. “But that doesn’t mean I’m not open to the possibility of conducting a test or two.”

“What kind of test?” Patrick asked, looking surprised.

“I’m not sure exactly.” Kyler turned to Hugh. “Would you have any ideas on where to begin?”

“Like I said, I am no authority on this subject,” Hugh reminded him. “And while I do know something about it, I  was an observer more often than not.”

 “But then you must know someone who actually still does it?” Kyler pushed for more information.

Hugh seemed to pause while he processed his thoughts. “Kyler, I don’t want to lie to you or withhold information; so I will say yes, I do know someone who is in the BDSM scene. But it was a long time ago and we are hardly in contact these days.”

“Who is it?” Patrick asked.

“You probably met him once or twice when we first started going out, Patrick. Do you remember Clarence; the big black guy who always hung out with one or two young boys around him?”

Patrick screwed up his forehead for a moment and then exclaimed, “Him? Yes, of course I remember him; kinda hard to forget the man. He was a giant and …” he glanced over at Kyler and changed what he was going to say. “He was friendly.”

“Wow, that’s neat! Maybe this friend of yours will be willing to teach me a few things. Man, but that would be really awesome!” Kyler squirmed excitedly in his seat and rubbed his hands together.

“I don’t think so, Kyler,” Hugh said with a twist to his lips.

“Why not?”

“For one, I am hardly in contact with him and for another, it would be an imposition.”

“What exactly do you want him to teach you?” Patrick asked.

“Okay, it’s like this. There is a guy in the chat room who goes by the handle ‘Living-on-the-edge’, and he keeps telling us about a soft suede flogger that one of his Doms uses. Apparently when done properly, it can send him into sup-space for hours.”

“Soft suede flogger!” Patrick softly muttered. “’Living-on-the-edge’, huh? Good God!”

Hugh chuckled. “It can be a thrilling experience, from what I’ve been told.”

Patrick’s eyes narrowed. “Oh really? Why have I no knowledge of this? I didn’t even know Clarence was into all that!”

“It’s not a secret, Patrick, and you never asked,” Hugh replied with a smile. “Anyway, that was a long time ago.”

“Apparently you still have fond memories for it!” Patrick’s voice was slightly dry. “Must have been something exceptionable?”

Hugh raised one eyebrow at Patrick. “It was a different time, different place.”

Kyler cut in impatiently. “But the flogger is what appeals to me. I just need someone willing to try it out on me.”

“What?” Patrick exclaimed.

“It will be fine, Patrick.” Kyler trusted Hugh implicitly to find someone to substitute for him. “But you don’t have to watch if you’d prefer not to.”

“I am beginning to wonder if it was such a good idea after all to let you into those chat rooms,” Patrick grumbled quietly, obviously not liking the idea.

“Well you want me to learn new things, right; kinda expand my world?”

Hugh let go a breath slowly. “Kyler honey, I know this sounds exciting to you. It’s luring you into wanting to experiment and try new stuff. But there’s a lot of lifestyles out there; some I don’t even want to think about. You cannot experiment with everything you find. And … I don’t really think you should experiment with this one either.”

“But, Hugh, even though I am intrigued with the whole lifestyle, it doesn’t mean I want to embrace it or do anything too drastic.”

“Have you thought it through, sweetheart?” Hugh’s voice was patient. “What do you imagine is going to take place if we let you go through with it?”

“Hmm,” obviously Kyler was only now giving it some serious thought. “I don’t know. Maybe we could go visit a fetish club where there might be an experienced Dom who doesn’t mind working with a newbie. I’d be perfectly safe if you guys were with me.”

Hugh looked meaningfully at Kyler while Patrick chimed in. “Yeah, exactly. And do you really want some stranger laying his hands on you?”

“I don’t have much choice if Hugh won’t do it,” Kyler pointed out.

Hugh’s brows puckered. “All these acts and scenes have strong sexual overtones and nuances. Frankly, I do not like the idea of anyone laying their hands on you and touching my Brat in that way.”

Patrick nodded solemnly, studying Kyler as closely as Hugh was. He was in total agreement with Hugh and he looked relieved at Hugh’s response.

“Well Hugh, if you don’t want a stranger to do it, then how about you reading up on the subject and trying it out. Maybe all you need is to practice some.” Kyler was confident his older Top was up for it even if Hugh obviously had his doubts. 

Hugh rolled his eyes. “Kyler, you don’t just go read up on the subject and then just know what to do. It takes a lot of practice and learning and even tutorage under someone to be able to do this safely. And there’s no way I am going to use a flogger on you for whatever reason. I have never even spanked you with anything but my hand. That’s not going to change.”

Patrick looked keenly at their young partner. “Ky, finish your dinner and let’s go watch a video, hm?”

“Okay, I get it. The topic’s closed,” Kyler reluctantly went along with his partner’s plan…..or so it appeared. Silently, he had other strategies forming in his head.  ‘I really want to delve a little more into this lifestyle. First I’ll ask some of the guys around town and get their take on it. I can hardly wait to bringing up the subject with Cameron tomorrow and see the look on his face. Bet he’s gonna shit his pants!”

Kyler quickly came to the conclusion that this particular conversation might be over due to his Tops lack of enthusiasm in granting him his request. But at least he’d pulled their attention away from his earlier activities that afternoon, which in turn avoided him having to tell them about the creep threatening to pay him a visit.


Kyler pulled into the driveway and groaned when he saw the other two vehicles. “Dang!” he cursed under his breath. “Most days I’m not only the first home but also on my own for a couple of hours. Now, today of all days, they’re both here before me.”

He parked and turned off the engine. Pulling down the visor, he gingerly touched his upper lip. “Ouch! Damn thing still hurts.” After replacing the visor, he got out of the car and locked it via the remote on his way into the house. “To top it all off, I never got a chance to shock Cam with my news and fill him in on my idea to check out that BDSM club in Kelowna,” he grumbled and kicked a pebble out of his way.

Plastering a crooked grin on his face, he entered the kitchen through the back door. “Hi guys!” he casually greeted his partners, hoping they might not pick up the signs that he’d been in a bit of a scuffle. “What’s for supper?” he inquired as he threw his arms around Patrick. “Ow!” he wailed when the other man kissed his lips.

Patrick pulled back at once and peered into his Brat’s face. “What’s the matter? No, don’t. Let me see.” He stopped Kyler from turning away and pulled his face up in between his hands. “What happened?”

“I kinda walked into Cameron’s fist,” Kyler begrudgingly explained.

Hugh stiffened and kept his eyes on Kyler as Patrick continued his examination.

“You’ll live, but you need to put a cold compress against your lip to stop it swelling further. It’s already puffy and still seeping. Let me go get the first-aid kit. I want to put some ointment on it,” Patrick insisted.

Going over to the fridge, Hugh took a cold pack from the freezer and reached for the young man. “Come here. Let me see how bad it is.” Hugh did his own inspection and then kissed Kyler on the side of his head. “Here, put this against the inured area.”

“Uncle Kipper already had me do this. I didn’t like it earlier and I don’t really care for it now,” Kyler complained. “It’s too darn cold!”

Patrick came back to the kitchen and pulled out a chair. “Sit, Kyler!”

Kyler immediately obeyed and taking the opportunity to get rid of the small bag of ice, he put it down and folded his arms on the table.

Patrick deftly cleaned up the split lip and then applied the anti-septic cream. It took no more than a couple of minutes. “There you go. You’ll have a lovely bruise tomorrow morning, kiddo.”

Hugh had re-taken his seat opposite Kyler and with the medical attention out of the way, he looked seriously at his youngest partner. “Okay, tell us what happened.”

Looking back and forth between the two men patiently waiting to hear the events which resulted in his being hurt, Kyler took a deep breath and began his story. “Cam wasn’t in the best of moods today. In fact, he was pretty much closing in on panic mode when I arrived at the lounge to do the payroll. He’s fretting over Chad’s injury.”

Patrick frowned. “The infected hand I’ve been taking care of it? There were some complications but it is slowly improving and just needs time to heal. Was that what has Cameron so worried? The infection?”

“Yeah, guess Cam simply lacks patience. But I can understand why he feels the way he does after getting a glimpse of Chad’s hand myself. It really is a mess and the needle sticking out of the back of it doesn’t make it look any better. Still, that doesn’t excuse Cam from mean-mouthing Patrick.”

Patrick and Hugh exchanged a look but did not say anything, just letting Kyler continue his narrative.

“It’s just not true that Patrick is to blame for Chad’s hand not healing fast enough to suit Cameron. Anyway, Cam was venting and getting in my face when I tried to walk away. I kinda retaliated by punching him and of course, he punched back. Uncle Kipper broke it up and dragged us into the office where he immediately called Chad to haul Cam home. Guess I should have kept walking when I had the chance.”

Both Tops were silent for a moment after Kyler finished. Hugh spoke first. “I can see the provocation. Anyone mean-mouthing either of my partners in front of me is not going to get away with it either, but I wouldn’t resort to a fist fight.”

Patrick fixed his eyes on Kyler, pinning him to his seat. “I appreciate the support and loyalty but throwing the first punch puts you in the wrong. You know how we feel about fighting. Don’t you?”

The last question was sharp enough to make Kyler’s head jerk up. “I-I may have thrown the first punch but I wasn’t the first to get physical. Cam pushed and tried shoving me around before I struck back.”

Hugh’s face relaxed slightly but Patrick was still looking stern. “I am a doctor and I treat all kinds of patients. While I do my best, not every single one of them is going to be pleased with my efforts and I accept that. It is a given; just a part of my trade. You cannot go around hitting everyone that is not happy with me or says things you don’t want to hear. They have a right to their opinions.”

“But what if it’s untrue?”

“Well as my partner, you have to accept that too. I know you were sticking up for me and I appreciate it and I love you for it. But in all honestly, that is not an excuse I can accept for fighting. I am sure there could have been other ways to handle it without physical violence.” Patrick refused to budge.

“But it’s not fair! I couldn’t just ignore what he was saying,” Kyler stubbornly defended his actions, even while admitting to himself that he was in the wrong. He hung his head rather than let Patrick see the uncertainty in his eyes.

“Fair or not, that’s the way it is.” Patrick continued to gaze sternly at Kyler. “Do you understand what I am saying, Kyler? Look at me please.”

Kyler quickly did as he was told, but made no effort to hide the pout.

Hugh, who had kept silent so far, cut in. “Kyler, I know it doesn’t seem fair to you now that you are in trouble for sticking up for Patrick….”

Before the older man could say what was on his mind, Kyler reacted. “Yeah, that’s all I was doing. It just got out of hand.”

“But that’s the whole point.” Patrick tapped a finger on the table impatiently. “Yes, we stick up for one another, always! But not through violence. Fighting is fighting, unless it’s self-defence.”

“I get it,” Kyler finally conceded, his innate honesty coming to the fore. “So what’s gonna happen now?”

“Well,” Hugh responded. “An apology to Cameron is definitely in the cards. Patrick, you should probably also call Chad.”

“Yes, I intend to,” Patrick replied with a sigh. He turned back to Kyler, still looking serious. “Apology for sure. And what else? What have we said before about fighting?”

“That it’s a spanking offence,” Kyler answered in a small voice. He’d been punished for fighting in the past and knew exactly what to expect. It was just a question as to which of his Tops would dole out the retribution. “I should tell you though that Cam and I have already apologized to each other. Uncle Kipper was a witness.”

“Another apology won’t kill you,” Patrick declared, but not without a hint of a smile in his voice. He glanced over at Hugh, who sent him a silent message with the mere nod of his head. “You can decide when you want your punishment; now or after dinner.”

With his appetite having steadily waned throughout the conversation, Kyler decided now was as a good time as any to face the music. Not that a spanking was something he ever wanted; he only knew that on some level it was what he needed to move past the guilt beginning to build at once again disappointing his partners by breaking an ironclad rule set in place to keep him safe. He and Cameron were more than capable of badly hurting each other if provoked enough. Causing physical harm to either himself or someone else was a big no-no as far as his Tops were concerned. And aside from his own feelings on any given situation, whose opinion mattered more than his beloved partners when his behavior was called into question?

Getting to his feet, he quietly inquired, “Do you want me to go upstairs or to the study?”

“The study will be fine,” Patrick softly instructed. He and Hugh stood aside as Kyler woefully left the room and walked down the hall.

Once in the study, Kyler drew in a long breath and inhaled the somewhat comforting scent of old leather and lingering aftershave. The only thing missing that had always been in his uncle’s study was the aroma emanating from a cigar humidor on the desk.

He removed his jeans, neatly folded them and placed them on the arm of the big armchair. His Tops would notice what he’d done and it may earn him a brownie point or two. Next, he planted himself in the only empty corner of the room and waited nervously.

His ears picked up the sound of approaching footsteps as his partners came down the hall and entered the room. The door almost inaudibly whispered against the carpet as it was closed.

“Kyler, over here.” It was Patrick who spoke, so Kyler knew immediately who would be delivering the spanking.

The younger man turned and hesitantly responded to the summons. “I’m really sorry for getting into another fight, Patrick. I lost my temper and things just seemed to happen of their own volition. But I’ll try harder next time to ignore what’s being said that I don’t like. Honest!”

Patrick settled down on the sofa and looked up at the solemn face earnestly gazing down at him. He gave a half smile. “I know, Kyler, and I appreciate your candor. I hope this spanking will be enough to help you remember next time you are tempted. Fighting is just not on, honey.”

Hugh had placed himself on the opposite side of the room and was leaning against the line of books on the shelf. He remained silent, merely giving Kyler a sympathetic nod when the young man glanced over at him.

Patrick beckoned with a finger and when Kyler was near enough, reached out to draw him down.

Giving in to the tug on his arm, Kyler reluctantly settled himself across his Top’s strong thighs. He grabbed for the nearest throw pillow and braced himself.

Patrick shifted Kyler until they were both securely positioned against one another. He glanced up at Hugh, momentarily locking eyes with the older man. Then he drew in a breath and raised his right hand. The first swat was loud, and it was firm enough to leave no doubt in Kyler’s mind as to his Top’s thoughts about fighting.

Fortunately, Patrick didn’t lecture as he spanked. He merely concentrated on the task at hand. The spanks were smooth and long, administered in a rhythmic flow that left the young man squirming desperately. The exposed butt turned red as it became totally covered with scalding handprints.

Just as Kyler felt he could not handle another blow, the spanking came to an end. He immediately found himself enfolded in his chastiser’s arms, words of love and forgiveness being gently spoken into his hair.

“It’s okay. I’ve got you now,” Patrick murmured as Kyler clung to him. “I know, I know, it’s all right. We’re done.”

Hugh came over and rubbed Kyler’s back. He bent to circle one arm around Kyler and comforted him. “Shhh… stop crying now, baby. The worst is over. Take a deep breath!”

Kyler sighed, relieved to have the punishment over and done with. As he slowly calmed down it crossed his mind, though not for the first time, if his partners ever felt the same sense of relief that he did at these moments. But as usual, his suspicions remained unspoken.


It had been three days since the fight and Kyler was back to being very happy with his life. His lip had healed and he was once again able to sit comfortably. Things were good between him and his partners. Things were also cool between him and Cameron, even if they still hadn’t found time to sit down and discuss Kyler’s latest interest. But being busy had its’ advantages. It had kept the problem of his possible internet indiscretion on the back burner.

Both Hugh and Patrick had texted to say they would be home by five. Patrick was picking up Chinese because he had some news he felt was worth celebrating. Kyler was presently filling in time by IM’ing with some of the guys on-line.

Kyler laughed at the message that appeared on his screen in response to his last question. He wondered once again just how ‘real’ these guys in the chat room were. Not that it mattered if they were on the up-and-up or not, as he’d never be meeting them in person. He was still gathering lots of great information on a variety of lifestyles.

With the help of his ‘chat’ buddies, he’d been able to locate a BDSM club in Kelowna. Not that it had been an easy feat. After all, he couldn’t let them know where he lived and thus aid in narrowing their search, so he had to do most of it himself. And the secrecy around it all; you’d think he was looking to overtake an entire country instead of just visiting a bar. But after a bit of trial and error, he found what he hoped would prove to be a neat club; one that prided itself by taking on newbies. He even joined the club’s Yahoo group. Now all that was left to do was to tell Cam and a couple of his other friends about it, because he had no intentions of investigating the place on his own.

Another window opened, interrupting the on-going conversation and causing Kyler to frown impatiently. He swallowed apprehensively when he read the message. The creep was back and still threatening to visit him.

“Piss off and leave me alone!” Kyler typed and closed the window. It opened again almost immediately. This time the message read ‘I am right outside your house. Look out your window’.

Kyler got up from the desk and moved the curtain aside just enough to get a view of the street. His heart began to race when he saw a car parked next to the curb. It was not one he recognized and he had no idea who was in it. He instantly moved away from the window and began running through the house, making sure all the doors were locked.

Not bothering to respond to the last message, he shut down his computer. Agitatedly walking in circles around the study, he wondered if he should call anyone. Checking the time, he was relieved to see that Hugh would be home in less than half an hour. He decided to just wait it out. Maybe the guy in the car wasn’t the same one who had threatened him. Maybe the car would drive away any minute now. Maybe someone was just playing a prank on him. Kyler silently prayed such would be the case.

He was still pacing twenty minutes later, and was so worked up he failed to hear the two vehicles pulling into the driveway. However, he did hear the sounds of someone trying to get in the back porch and although it caused him to jump, he somehow managed not to scream in terror. He tentatively sneaked down the hall, grabbing his baseball bat along the way, and hid just outside the kitchen where he had a view of the far door leading to the yard.

He held his breath as the doorknob turned and the door was pushed inward. He gave a joyful cry, dropped the bat with a noisy clatter, ran across the room and threw himself into Hugh’s arms. “Safe at last!” he breathed out a loud sigh of relief.

Hugh’s arms instinctively tightened around the weight hanging on him. “Whoa!” he exclaimed, slightly bowled over but managing to steady both himself and Kyler with one foot back.

Behind them, Patrick looked on in surprise. “What’s going on?” he inquired, pushing both his partners further into the kitchen so he could close the door. He quickly put the two take-out bags on the kitchen table and turned his attention to the obviously wound up young man. “Kyler, did something happen? Have you been in another fight? Let me look at you!”

“No fighting…honest!” Kyler sputtered, still a little breathless.

Hugh kept his arm around Kyler, holding him by his side and studying him closely. “What’s spooked you, baby?”

“There’s this guy…online…but outside now….harassing me…he’s come after me…” Kyler excitedly tried to get the story out all at once and ended up with a disjointed narrative.

Both Tops stared at Kyler, their brows creased. Hugh gave Kyler a squeeze and spoke in his calm manner. “Hang on … slow down, Kyler. Who is this guy you are talking about?”

“Someone who talked to me in a chat room.”

And he’s here?” Hugh raised an eyebrow.

“Uh-huh!” Kyler vigorously nodded, his hands still clutching Hugh’s shirt.

Here? As in outside?” Patrick asked.

“Yeah, in that gray car parked out front,” Kyler responded as he turned to look at his other partner.

“How on earth did he find out where you live?” Patrick demanded.

“I have no idea!” Kyler adamantly declared.

“You say he’s harassing you?” Hugh released Kyler and to look at him more closely. “How?”

Before Kyler could answer there was a knock on the front door. All three men froze.

“Don’t answer it!” Kyler, the first to recover, shouted. “It might be him!”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Hugh admonished. He looked at Patrick and both of them walked briskly into the hallway. The doorbell rang again just as Hugh reached for the front doorknob.

“Yes? May I help you?” Hugh asked, scrutinizing the man closely. He saw a well-built gentleman approximately sixty years old, dressed casually but with an air of quiet authority about him. He looked stern but not menacing.

“Hello, I’m sorry for the intrusion. My name is Tony Sinclair,” the man introduced himself. “I’d like to talk to you if I may.”

“Hi, I’m Hugh Jackson.” They shook hands. “May I know what this is about?”

“I’m checking up on some internet activity that attracted my attention a short while ago. It struck me as rather troubling.”

“You mean from this house?” Hugh asked.

“I’m afraid so.”

“How did you get this information?” Hugh’s tone was polite but held a note of suspicion. “I’m sure there are privacy laws on this?”

“I am part of a volunteer program made up of men and women who were formerly involved in law enforcement. We work closely with various departments within the justice system and therefore have a little more leeway with how we access information. Sometimes law-enforcement agencies just do not have the time and resources to fully fight against crimes by internet predators.” 

Hugh gave a small nod of acknowledgement. “Yes, I can believe that. But you say this group is voluntary? You are not part of the police force or any other government body?”

“No, we are not an official part of the government and all work is done on a strictly volunteer bases,” Tony clarified. “There is an organization that has been extremely successful in tracking and trapping pedophiles called 'Perverted Justice'. We have a similar mandate to theirs.”

Hugh frowned. “Hmm, Perverted Justice? I may have heard of that program but I have to admit I did not pay much attention to it. It is pretty new?”

“Not really. It started in California in 2002 and actually became a household name a while back during a television broadcast of ‘To Catch a Predator’. Don’t suppose you caught that by any chance? It is one of many such groups that operate in countries around the world. Here are my credentials showing my membership in our organization.” Tony extracted a card from his wallet and handed it over to be read, then tucking it safety back where it belonged once it was returned to him. He also showed them his RCMP badge and ID even though they had been retired.  

Hugh exchanged a quick look with Patrick, who gave him a small nod. Then he stepped aside and said, “Come on in, Tony. Meet my partners, Patrick and … Kyler? Come!”

Kyler had stayed hiding behind Patrick and peeking out at the stranger conversing with Hugh. At the command in his Top’s voice, he reluctantly slithered into view.

Patrick, who had also been conducting a rapid analysis of the stranger, sized him up quickly. “Why don’t we go into the living room?” he invited, obviously deciding the man didn’t pose any danger or threat. “We can talk less awkwardly in there.”

They moved into the living room and once comfortably seated, their visitor immediately introduced his subject matter in a business-like manner. “I’m looking for a youngster who has been spending a fair amount of time online lately, visiting chat rooms.”

“Youngster?” Hugh queried. He glanced at Kyler and hid a smile. “Well, there are three of us living here, but I wouldn’t describe any of us as a youngster.”

“Yes, I’ve already gathered that much,” Tony replied with a somewhat disconcerting grin. “As a retired RCMP officer, I’m usually fairly observant.”

Patrick chuckled. “Although truth be told, the only one who has been spending a fair amount of time on the internet and chatting with on-line friends would be Kyler here.”

Kyler merely rolled his eyes and crossed his arms as he sunk further into the armchair he’d chosen to sit in. He really didn’t feel up to participating in the conversation at this point in time. He wanted to see how it unfolded before jumping in.

“Oh, I’m sorry. For some reason I got the impression of it being someone much younger than your partner. I’m a retired RCMP officer, as I said earlier. I left the force about five years ago.”

“So trying to find things to fill up your time, I imagine?” Hugh commented with an easy smile. “It’s always hard to retire after an active vocation, isn’t it?” His voice was warm and inviting, encouraging Tony to talk. Even though the man had not posed any signs of threat or danger so far, Hugh wanted to learn more about him without revealing any further private information.

“It is,” Tony openly acknowledged. “Especially when you were doing something you enjoyed and found fulfilling. It was a work-related incident that resulted in my having to give up my position prematurely. My physical abilities are no longer what they used to be.”

“What areas did you specialize in, if I may ask?” Patrick politely inquired. He too was paying close attention to Tony, noting the details of his dress, mannerisms, and speech.

“My last few years on the force involved me searching for predators on the Internet. My department was set up to monitor and investigate internet crimes but my scope was specifically on juveniles. I’m sure you are aware that internet predators have become extremely savvy and are considered a major crime index in the last few years. I think people are becoming too trusting and vulnerable, careless even, especially with the ages of internet users dropping every year.”

All three men were listening intently.

“Yes,” Hugh quietly agreed, nodding his head slowly. “I work with school kids and I understand their obsession with the internet.”

Patrick leaned forward, quite absorbed with what Tony was saying. “So, Tony, what kind of cases have you worked on? How did you investigate internet crimes? I hope you don’t mind sharing.”

“The people I looked for were those who usually went after juveniles,” Tony explained. “They targeted the most vulnerable of our society, luring many away from their families. Once the perpetrator had his hands on his intended target, the victim was rarely ever heard of again. Those that were eventually found had often endured varying amounts of sexual exploitation as well as physical, mental and emotional abuse. I can’t express the joy we’d experience each time the team rescued a would-be casualty or more importantly, prevented one.”

“Ah … of course.” Both Tops murmured appropriate comments, looking solemn, while Kyler seemed caught up in Tony’s narrative.

“So even though you are officially retired, you are still doing it; the monitoring and investigating, that is?” Patrick questioned.

 “I still try to protect our vulnerable youths from these cyber felons and will continue to do so as long as I am able.”

“And all this is done on your own time?” Hugh queried, rather impressed. “That’s very praiseworthy indeed.”

“I’m single with plenty of time on my hands. That and it was impossible for me not to continue the work. Fortuitously, I still have friends of the force who assist me when needed. After all, they have the most up-to-date censoring devices available. And while we do not have access to this equipment, there is often an exchange of information.”

“So what made you think I was a kid?” Kyler asked, bristling slightly at being thought a naive youngster.

“It was a calculated guess. The consultants worked out some kind of criteria matrix that maps the approximate ages of our targets. I still use it but it’s not easy as a lot of people lie on the internet.”

“Yeah, like tell me about it!” Kyler glared at the man he considered having lied to him over the past several weeks by representing himself as someone whom he was not. “Guesses don’t always pan out; cause this one sure lead you astray. How do you suppose that happened? ”

“I’m not sure. It was probably your lack of experience in the type of chat group you were frequenting that misled me.” Tony’s smile was somewhat sheepish. “I don’t often make this kind of mistake, but it has been known to happen now and again.”

“Let me guess; if I had been a kid, you’d be here to tattle on me, right?” Kyler was still trying to get over the direct hit his pride had taken where his age was concerned.

“You might see it that way,” Tony chuckled. “But I’d really be here to warn your parents to pay more attention to what you were doing on the computer and who you were talking to.”

“How did you even find me?” Now that he no longer felt as threatened, Kyler’s curiosity started getting the better of him. 

“You gave out a little too much information, young man.”

Kyler looked indignant. “That’s not true. I never told anyone where I live, who I am or what I do.”

“Not directly, that’s factual. Unfortunately, to someone who knows the game, sick as it is, you quickly became an easy target; which could have led to you becoming a victim.”

“But how is that possible? I don’t get it.”

“Well for one thing, you mentioned living in a mining town.”

“So what? There’s hundreds of mining towns around.” Kyler was getting a little hot under the collar.

“That’s true,” Patrick remarked. “How would someone know? How did you know it was this one?”

“There are always ways to find out if someone wants to know badly enough and has the know-how to go about it; which regrettably too many have.”

“Well I sure don’t know how to do it and I still don’t understand how others can,” Kyler muttered under his breath, glaring unhappily at the ex-police officer.

“Another helpful hint in narrowing down your location was your mentioning that during the winter you’ve skied in the morning and played golf in the afternoon.”

“So …?” Kyler wrinkled his nose. “Anybody can do that if they live in the Okanagan Valley.”

“Exactly! But that narrowed down your location significantly. And it was only one of many hints you were unaware of giving out.”

Patrick and Hugh shook their heads, digesting Tony’s words.

“However, it was your IP address that brought me to Jade Heights.”

“My IP address? How the hell did you get that?”

“Do you remember getting an email from ‘The Shepherd’ saying he was unable to participate one evening?”

Kyler frowned while searching his memory. “Vaguely,” he muttered.

“Then do you also remember politely responding to that email?”

“Possibly,” Kyler shrugged. “So you’re telling me that being mannerly was my downfall?”

Tony sat forward and mildly scolded the young man in front of him. “Like many innocents, you simply unknowingly gave out way too many details. It is not the most obvious that get us into trouble.”

Kyler glanced first at Patrick, then at Hugh to see if he could read their take on all this. Their expressions were not at all promising.

“Well gentlemen, I’ve taken up enough of your time.” Tony got to his feet in preparation for leaving. “Once again I apologize for the intrusion.”

Hugh stuck out his hand at once. “Not at all, Tony; we are extremely grateful that you took the trouble to call.”

Tony smiled and sighed at the same time. “You know, some people are not so forthright. Not everyone is happy to meet me or to hear what I have to tell them.”

Patrick also shook hands with Tony. “I’m sorry to hear that. I learnt a lot about internet safety from you. I had no idea it was that easy to trace someone!”

“I am glad then that my visit has increased your knowledge and that my time has not been wasted.” their visitor pronounced, satisfied his efforts had been worthwhile. “It’s always good to be aware of the dangers that can lurk out there in cyber space for the uninitiated.”

“I’ll probably have to reconsider my on-line group activities,” Kyler observed somewhat disgruntled.

“I’m very pleased to hear that,” Tony responded with approval in his voice as he pretended he hadn’t picked-up on the young man’s obvious lack of enthusiasm.

“Kyler?” Hugh said meaningfully. “I think Tony has shared some really good information with us, don’t you think?”

“He sure has,” Kyler smiled bashfully as he remembered his manners and politely shook hands with their departing guest. “Thanks, man. I think all three of us learned a lot today.”

“I can assure you there is still a lot more to learn, my friend. But I think you’re presently heading in the right direction.” Tony was convinced that should a certain young man get into more mischief on the net, he had partners who would soon nip questionable activities in the bud, now that they all knew what to watch out for.

“I’d like to keep in touch with you, Tony, if I may,” Kyler sincerely requested.

“I’d really like that too, Kyler. We have each other’s email address, so let’s do that.”

Patrick led the way to the front door and held it open. “Thanks again, Tony. You take care!”

“And thank you for being so open to all I had to say. You folks take care too,” Tony returned the sentiment and with a final wave, walked down the pathway to his car.

Patrick closed the door and regarded Kyler thoughtfully. “You know, Ky, things could have turned out quite ugly if Tony had been someone else.”

Kyler somberly nodded. “It sure could have.”

“I am afraid I have to agree with Patrick,” Hugh added gravely. He threw an arm around Kyler’s shoulder and walked him back to the living room. Taking a seat in the big armchair, he pulled Kyler down onto his lap. “I want you to think about this carefully.”

“You know, Hugh, I didn’t do anything wrong… least not on purpose,” Kyler earnestly pointed out. “There were just things I didn’t know about. Heck, apparently you and Patrick didn’t know about them either. And because of your not knowing, you couldn’t warn me.”

“True enough. And while we don’t want to be ogres and watch over everything you do, honey,” Hugh explained, “the fact remains that this can be a dangerous hobby. It seems as if those particular chat rooms you visit tend to attract just the kinds of creeps out there who prey on unsuspecting people. I am not talking of only young children or teens. As what was shown to us today, even adults can sometimes find themselves in an unpredicted dilemma.”

“So what should we do about it?” Kyler was wary of the answer being something he didn’t want to hear. “I still want to talk with some of the guys I’ve met online. I just don’t know how to be more careful. I mean I did everything you told me. I never gave out personal information. I never told anyone where we live or work. I never even mentioned any of my friends’ names or where they work. And I always made sure I never gave out our address, phone number or banking details. So you see; I didn’t broke any of the rules and you’d never specified a time-limit.”

“He has a point there,” Patrick conceded.

Hugh rubbed Kyler’s back comfortingly. “I am not suggesting Kyler stop his internet activities.”

“Well that sure is good news,” Kyler murmured with a small sigh of relief as he shifted off Hugh’s knee to squeeze in beside him. “Um, so what are you suggesting, Hugh?”

“Well, I am thinking maybe we’ve been handling this wrong all the while. Internet activities should not be your sole responsibility, Kyler. Patrick and I should perhaps have been more involved in what you do, instead of just heaping a ton of rules on you and expecting you to look out for possible dangers on your own.” Hugh chewed on his lower lip before continuing. “Looking at it from here and now, it appears a kind of cop-out. What do you say, Patrick?”

Patrick grinned. “I can’t argue with that, Hugh. Sorry Ky, we’ve been negligent Tops I’m afraid!”

“Hey, no one’s perfect, right?” Kyler merrily returned the grin. He happily went along with his partners’ suggestions that they check out various online sites together to see if there might be some help available, instructing them in better ways to keep him safe. He didn’t even balk when he picked up a subtle hint relating to the probable tightening of the rules governing his internet activity that might be in their immediate future; potentially including supervised usage and time restraints.

“I’m glad we have that out of the way,” Patrick said, stretching his back. “And now, I have some good news to tell you both. The hospital has finally found a replacement doctor for George, so that means …” Before he could finish, Kyler excitedly launched himself off the chair he’d been sharing with Hugh and into his arms.

“That’s the best news ever!” Kyler excitedly declared, throwing his arms around Patrick’s neck and tightly hugging him. “I’m glad we’re gonna be able to enjoy more of your company!”

Patrick laughed and warded off the sudden weight of his young partner. “You don’t want to strangle me to death now, Ky.” Patrick shifted his Brat around and pulled his face down so he could kiss him. “Hmmm… yes, you are going to see much more of me now. I’m happy too, babe.”

Kyler began to press warm kisses all over Patrick face, ignoring the roughness of the doctor’s five o’clock shadow.

Hugh watched his two partners with a patient smile on his lips. ‘One of the great things about being in a threesome,’ he thought to himself, ‘was that sometimes one of us gets to be an observer, and just enjoy the slow build-up of sexual tension.’ It never failed to arouse him when he watched his two partners kiss like this, knowing it was usually the promise to something much hotter.

Patrick caught Hugh looking at them from the corner of his eye and beckoned with a finger.

Kyler looked back at his other partner and saucily provoked, “Don’t be shy, Hugh.”

Hugh easily covered the distance between them and leaned down to kiss Kyler on the back of his neck, making the younger man squeal. “Shy?” Hugh whispered, breathing hot air on the sensitive skin. “You think I’m shy?” he teased in a menacing voice. His hands were like steel, holding Kyler down so that he was lying on top of Patrick.

“Uncle, Uncle!” Kyler barely managed to holler in between gales of laughter. “I give up, Hugh. Your bashfulness is squashing me!”

Extracting himself from between the two stronger men, Kyler gazed down at them with a glint of unadulterated impudence sparkling in his eyes. “Okay, so let’s recap just to make sure we’re on the same page. I didn’t give out too much information online and I’ve been exonerated of all wrongdoing, right?” he chuckled gleefully as he strolled towards the archway leading to the hall. He turned to look over his shoulder and sent his Tops a sassy grin. “Bottom line, guys; it was really all your fault for failing to protect me, correct?”

He let out a whoop and raced from the room as both of the older men bolted off the chair to give chase.

They caught up with their Brat just at the end of the hall. Hugh grabbed Kyler and slung the younger man over his shoulder, landing a hefty swat on the lightly clad bottom.

“A little too much cheekiness, Brat,” Hugh snarled. “I think this lad needs a lesson in how to speak to his Tops, eh Patrick?”

“Save me, Patrick!” Kyler called out for help. “He’s being a bully again!”

“Sorry, Ky, but you’re on your own,” Patrick apologized, laughing cheerfully as he climbed the steps behind the struggling pair. “You should know better than to taunt the big bear!”

Kyler laughed as he bounced on Hugh’s shoulder; his laughter increasing with every swat that landed on his backside. Hugh’s strength never ceased to amaze either of his partners.

Once in their bedroom, Hugh gently put Kyler down, easily trapping him between himself, Patrick and the foot of the bed. Hugh continued with the semi-hard spanks as they started to strip their young lover. After a moment or two, Patrick too began to land a few spanks on the reddening flesh. Although play spanking had never really been a part of their sexual activities, they were discovering that when done like this in an impromptu fashion, it was proving to be quite a turn-on for all three of them.

As soon as he was naked, Kyler managed to get away from his tormentors and scramble across the large king-size bed, shoving the quilt and top sheet out of the way in the process. Then he lay spread-eagle with his head propped up on the pillow, watching the other two rapidly strip out of their clothing. He smiled appreciatively as two well-toned bodies came into view. Hugh had the bigger frame of the two and was heavily muscled in all the places where it counted. Patrick was slimmer but with an equally well-defined structure. Both were beautiful in their own ways, and neither man had been short-changed when it came to being well-endowed.

Kyler eagerly regarded his two lovers and held his breath in anticipation as they climbed onto their bed. His manhood was standing proudly at attention and began pulsating at the sight of the others’ growing erections.

Hugh and Patrick each took hold of one of Kyler’s ankles and yanked him effortlessly down from the pillows, making him lie totally flat on the bed. They fixed their eyes on him as they ever so slowly tugged his legs even farther apart. Their smoldering eyes raked over him and their actions were so calculated, decisive and sensual that it sent chills up the younger man’s spine.

Hugh leaned down and covered Kyler’s mouth with his own, his tongue boldly pushing Kyler’s warm lips open to passionately and firmly kiss him.

Patrick positioned himself in between Kyler’s thighs and began to run his hands down Kyler’s slim body, stopping to pinch and tease the nipples. He heard a muffled groan escape from his young lover’s occupied mouth as his hands reached Kyler’s straining manhood. He gently massaged it with long smooth strokes, watching Kyler squirm his buttocks into the mattress.

Hugh finally broke the kiss and sat back on his heels, looking down at Kyler’s glazed eyes. “I think you need another warm-up, my boy. Flip over!” he ordered.

“I don’t think so,” Kyler playfully retorted as he began putting up a token resistance to protect his bum from a further assault.

Hugh easily pulled his Brat over his muscular thighs, placing one hand on Kyler’s back. The redness from the earlier spanks had all but faded. He quickly applied a dozen quick smacks on the deliciously quivering bottom, until he heard the soft gasps from Kyler. He had no intention to draw this out. He could see Patrick was already impatient to get going, and his own hard-on also could no longer be ignored. Satisfied with the warmth and the even shade of pink of the bottom in front of him, he released his prey.

Kyler instantly rolled onto his back and rubbed his backside against the firm mattress so he could benefit more fully from the heat radiating there. He fleetingly thought back to their conversation of a few days ago and instinctively realized, as pitiful as it was, this was as close to any form of BDSM-type behaviour his Tops were ever going to indulge in. ‘It all boils down to a matter of personal comfort,’ he silently surmised. ‘But maybe…..’ Any further thought involving silk ties and certain suede implements instantly faded as his mind resumed its’ concentration on the more attention-grabbing activity presently taking place.

The sex that followed was indeed mind-blowing, and by the time the three of them lay back panting, the sheets were in disarray and damp with their sweat. Amply sated, Kyler got a burst of energy like he often did after a particularly good session. Crawling out from between his partners, he stood at the end of the bed and studied their tranquil postures.

“I’m hungry!” he announced just as his stomach rumbled its’ emptiness. Almost as an afterthought, he hopefully suggested they go out for supper to commemorate Patrick’s release from extra clinical duties. He took the other men’s non-committal grunts as them going along with his proposal, something even take-out didn’t guarantee. He loved eating out; it meant no cooking, clean up or dishes. “Okay then; it’s a plan. We have just enough time to shower and get dressed if we’re gonna beat the rush at the restaurant.” He sashayed into the en suite, throwing an impertinent smirk over his shoulder. His lower cheeks still had a healthy pink flush covering them.

“Why do I feel so tempted to re-redden that naughty bottom of his?” Hugh growled and turned to pull Patrick into his arms.

Patrick merely chuckled and kissed his partner’s stubbed chin. They listened to the water running in the shower, knowing they really should be getting up but were too blissfully sated to do so.

Their respite was rudely disturbed a few minutes later when Kyler re-appeared at the foot of the bed, towel-drying his hair. He roughly shook one of each of the older men’s feet.

“Do you need another lesson in manners, boy?” Hugh demanded, opening one eye to peek at Kyler.

“Hmm, let’s see. If it ends with the same results as the earlier one, then I’m game,” Kyler mischievously replied. “But being as I’m starving, can I take a rain-check?” He tossed aside the towel and began gathering up the clothes scattered about the room, dropping them on the bed. He paused and glared at the two men still languishing among the disheveled sheets. ““I know Patrick got Chinese take-out for dinner but can we go out to celebrate his impending freedom instead? We can freeze the take-out for tomorrow, can’t we?”

Patrick stifled a yawn. “We sure can, babe. In fact it sounds like a great idea. I’m thinking maybe … um, Maple Grill for one of their famous steaks? Let me buy you both dinner tonight; that is if we can get Hugh off the bed.”

Hugh grinned and sat up, pushing the hair off his forehead. He stretched out an arm to his Brat and pulled him down to sit beside him; his other hand rested on Patrick’s naked hip. “All right, you two; I can’t win when you gang up against me! I am up now. But wait, I want to share something with you both first. So sit still for a moment, will you, Kyler? You are like a slippery eel today.”

“What?” Kyler asked impatiently, squashing himself tight against his oldest partner.

“It’s not just Patrick who will be having a bit more time on his hands,” Hugh announced.

Patrick sat up too and waited.

“Really? Have you been holding out on us, Hugh?” Kyler inquired, all ears and momentarily forgetting his hunger.

“My two star swimmers who made the Provincial swim team, bombed out at the qualifiers for the National team. That means they won’t be going to the Summer Olympics in London.

Patrick frowned, his voice full of sympathy. “Aw, I am sorry, honey! I know you were so hopeful they would make it!”

Hugh shrugged. “Yeah, I guess. They were disappointed of course; we all are. But they put in their best and I am pretty proud of them.”

“You ought to be,” Patrick stated, sliding out of bed. “I know you put in a great deal of time and effort in training them.”

“And that means…exactly?” Kyler wanted to know, crossing his finger and hoping more good news would ensue.

Hugh kept his face straight as he replied. “What that means, my dear boy, is that I will be personally supervising you when you go on your chat rooms!”

“Hmm, I’ll have to think that over some, Hugh. Even though I know I’ll be spending less time on the computer with you guys home, I still wouldn’t want to make a hasty decision about what part of your news I do or do not like.” Kyler grinned to show he was just teasing and quickly rolled off the bed to avoid the swat heading his way. “So, are we going out to eat or not? ‘Cause we now have two men’s upcoming liberty to pay homage to.”

Patrick slid out of bed and held out a hand to pull Hugh up as well. “Come on, lover; time to move your butt.”

Hugh rose and neatly landed a swat on Patrick’s bare backside.

“Hey!” Patrick jumped. “What was that for?”

Hugh winked. “My enjoyment!”

Patrick’s eyes opened wider. “Reeeally ….” he spoke slowly.

Hugh laughed. “Don’t worry, darling. I am not going to start spanking both my partners. Nor am I getting into some kinky sex. Just thought you rather enjoyed the light spanking I gave Kyler just now. Turned you on?”

Patrick flushed. “Well yeah, just a bit.”

From the bathroom, an impatient voice called out to them.

“We’re coming,” Patrick called back as he gave Hugh a questioning look. “Um, you know, kinky sex occasionally might be exciting.”

It was Hugh’s turn to raise his eyebrows. “Reeeally?” he echoed. “Hmm.”

“We need to research this,” Patrick stated with a grin. “Perhaps those chat rooms may come in useful after all.”

“Maybe …” Hugh replied, looking amused.

Another loud complaint assaulted their ears, demanding their immediate presence.

“Yeah babe, we’re coming!” Patrick called back as he and Hugh headed to the bathroom. “I can’t wait to see Ky’s face when he hears this!” he mumbled to himself. “But maybe we should keep it a surprise for just the right moment.”

Half an hour later, three refreshed but ravenous men were finally ready for an evening out.

“Maple Grill, here we come!” Kyler joyfully declared as they left the house.

The End

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