No Welcome Here

Kyler wanted his share of the limelight in the WL Spring Challenge, so here is his 'It's Not My Fault' Drabble.


Written By: LJ

“It isn’t my fault!” Kyler insisted.

“How can your standing there with a monkey on your shoulder, not be your fault?” Hugh demanded.

“Kadyn’s not allowed to keep him.”

“Well neither can you.”

“But he likes living with a family, and he’s had all his shots.” Kyler tried to persuade his Tops.

“We discussed it and decided on no pets, Ky honey,” Patrick patiently reminded him.

“No! You said no snakes.”

Hugh’s eyes narrowed and he menacingly advanced on his Brat. “Get that creature out of here. Now!”

“I’m getting! I’m getting!” Kyler hollered as he beat a hasty retreat.

The End

(Follow-up note: The little monkey finally finds a home with Kipper and Gaetane.)

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