Bed Rest and Bedlam

Co-written by: Teri and LJ

Kyler had talked almost non-stop all the way home, regaling his partners of all the excitement they had missed by taking the ‘safer’ tubing route. He was still on an adrenaline high when Hugh pulled into the driveway, although the older men couldn’t see their Brat’s buoyed-up state lasting much longer.

On the way into the house, Kyler dropped his sopping wet sneaker into the waste bin. He didn’t see the need to keep it after having lost its’ mate. Leaving his towel and super-soaker on the kitchen table, he made a beeline for the phone and started dialing.

“I’m gonna call my mom and Uncle Kipper. They’ll want to hear about all the fun we had.”

“Don’t talk too long, Ky,” Patrick said as he collected the wet towels and headed towards the laundry room. “I am going to put the towels in the wash; then I am giving you a good long shower. You are grimy, my boy. You coming too, Hugh?” he asked with a sly grin.

Hugh laughed and tried to swat Patrick as he walked past laden with wet towels. “Thanks for the after-thought, but I’ll start on dinner instead. I am sure you’ll be starved by the time you are done with that shower. What sounds good to you?”

“Hmm, make those meatballs Ky likes. They are easy to eat. I think he is going to bomb out soon; non-stop exertion the whole day, plus he is much too excitable.” Patrick had lowered his voice.

Hugh picked up the super-soaker and replied equally softly. “I know, but he had a good time today despite getting lost. Well, I am sure his mom and Uncle Kipper will want to know all the details. I’ll get him off the phone once you have put the towels in the wash.”

“You’ll have to give it a try someday, Uncle Kipper. I certainly plan to go back as soon as possible. Hope to drag Hugh and Patrick with me, too.” Kyler glanced at Hugh who was signaling for him to end the conversation. “I gotta go now; just wanted to tell you about our tubing excursion. Bye, see you at the mine in a couple of days.”

“Okay, guys, what’s up?” Kyler asked, after ending his call and hanging up the phone. He was still bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet and frantically scratching at the insect bites on his arms.

Hugh had taken a packet of minced beef out and was retrieving eggs and flour from the pantry. He nodded towards the laundry room, saying to Kyler, “Patrick will be done in a minute and he wants you in the shower with him. Don’t take too long, okay? And yes I mean just shower, nothing else!” He smiled at Kyler’s expression. Hugh raised his voice as he started to break eggs into a large bowl. “Patrick, Kyler’s finished with his call. You done yet down there?”

Turning back to Kyler, Hugh continued, “Babe, I want you to put some ointment on those scratches once you are cleaned up. They are starting to swell a little.”

Patrick appeared and caught the tail end of the sentence. “Let me take a look. Hmm, they are looking slightly red. I may think about giving you a shot if this does not subside. Let’s get you clean first and then we can eat. Hugh’s making meatballs; aren’t you, Hugh? Come on, Ky, you look beat and I think it’s bed for you right after dinner.”

“I’m fine, guys. And I certainly don’t need an injection, Patrick,” Kyler insisted as he left the room and headed upstairs. He was naked and testing the water pressure and temperature for the shower when Patrick caught up with him. He was still absent-mindedly scratching at the bits on his thighs, while grinning up expectantly at his partner.

Patrick noticed the scratching and shook his head. The skin on Kyler’s arms and thighs seem to be getting worse.“Come on, honey, get into the shower and be quick. The sooner we are done, the sooner I can put some antibiotic cream on you. I don’t know; you may still need to get a shot.”

Once Patrick had shed all his own clothing, he pushed Kyler gently into the shower and stepped in after him. “I’ll wash your hair, Ky. Pass me the shampoo.”

After passing the bottle to Patrick, Kyler squirted body-wash onto his hand and began smearing it on his partner’s chest.

“Ointment is okay, Patrick, but not a needle,” the younger man argued his point under the cascading water.

Once his hair was washed and rinsed, Kyler leaned into Patrick and rubbed his body up against the bigger man’s. He delighted in the expected results when both men responded to the stimuli and their erections grew.

“I want to feel you in me, Patrick. I want it hard and fast enough to make me cum without touching myself,” Kyler pleaded as he turned to face the wall and placed his hands on it, pushing his backside out for easier access.

Patrick was undecided. He had wanted to give Kyler a quick shower, get him clean and into bed once supper was over. But his body was starting to give him another message and damn if the white buttocks pertly raised to him weren’t just too tempting.With a grunt and a mild swat delivered on one wet butt-cheek, Patrick positioned himself behind Kyler.

“I don’t know, Ky,” Patrick paused while a hand fondled the cheek where his palm had deliberately landed. “We should be going down for supper. Hugh will be waiting for us.”

“Nooo, Patrick. We have time,” Kyler begged as he sensually moved his hips back and forth as enticement.

Patrick had rubbed his hand over the bar of soap and was quickly coating his now erect shaft with the slippery suds. “Hugh won’t like it if we keep him waiting. And your meatballs might get cold.” He sniggered at the grumble coming from his Brat’s lips. “Besides, I think you’ve had enough excitement in one day, baby. You shouldn’t be over exerting yourself!”

“Aww, come on, Patrick. Let’s have less talk and more action,” Kyler moaned out his frustration at his partner’s lack of speed.

Much as Patrick was enjoying the teasing and baiting of his partner, he decided they had spent enough time in the shower. Besides, he didn’t think he could wait much longer himself as his own penis was starting to leak. “Action?” he breathed in a raspy voice and then he sank his harden shaft into Kyler.

Kyler momentarily sucked in his breath at his partner’s entry, but then quickly relaxed. He pushed back to allow full penetration and immediately moved forward, relishing the feel of Patrick’s rigid member brushing against his prostate.

Within seconds, Kyler was breathing hard and moving in time with his lover’s firm rapid thrusts.

Patrick held Kyler’s hips firmly and kept up a steady rhythm, moving swiftly in and out of his young lover. His breathing matched Kyler’s as he angled his thrusts, making sure he stimulated his young lover’s sweet spot with each entry. He stopped himself from reaching for Kyler’s erection. He knew all he needed was to stroke Kyler and he would be able to bring him to orgasm, but Kyler had wanted to come without being touched. So Patrick held himself back and concentrated on listening to the sounds coming from him instead.

Moments later, Kyler hollered out his mind-blowing orgasm and his semen hit the shower wall. He was barely aware of his lover’s sperm shooting deep within him as Patrick found his release. He turned his head, his lips seeking and finding Patrick’s for a deep, passionate kiss.

The hot sex re-energized Kyler and as soon as they both had cleaned up, he was out of the shower stall and tossing Patrick a towel. “Guess we better not keep Hugh waiting any longer. He won’t be too pleased if he has to come get us.” Kyler wasn’t quite sure, but he thought the other man may have mumbled a concurring reply from under the towel he was drying his hair with.

Slipping on sleep pants, Kyler paused to claw at his leg. The action caused two of the inflamed bites to start bleeding. He quickly finished dressing and hurriedly left the bedroom to head downstairs; hoping Patrick hadn’t seen what the scratching had done.

Patrick had the first-aid kit with him when he followed Kyler into the kitchen. “Let’s take a look at those scratches before we eat, Ky.” Turning to Hugh, he asked, “Is it okay to hold back dinner for a short while longer?”

“Sure,” Hugh said easily. He pointed Kyler towards a chair and turned the face up for a quick kiss. “Be good and let Patrick put something on those arms and legs. I hate to see them so red and itchy, and I hate to see you scratch them even more.”

Patrick started to smear the antibiotic cream on the affected places with a cotton swab. “I think I will give you a shot after all, but after dinner. Otherwise, you will be scratching yourself to bits tonight. The injection will take the itch away and help you rest much better.”

Before Kyler could protest, Hugh nodded and said, “Good idea. Now let’s eat; I am starving!”

Kyler straightened up his clothing while Patrick put the kit away. Sitting down in his usual place at the table, he began spooning meatballs onto his plate. “These smell great, Hugh. Good thing you made lots, ‘cause I’m starving too” He popped a small meatball into his mouth and grinned at his other partner. “You’re gonna have to catch me first, Patrick, if you think you’re stabbing me with anything.”

Patrick paused with his fork midway to his mouth. He quirked an eyebrow and his eye caught Hugh’s for a moment before he replied. “Are you issuing a challenge, Kyler?” Patrick asked in a silky voice.

Kyler leaned closer to look Patrick right in the eye; his own were sparkling with unbridled merriment. “Yabetcha!”

The long, physically-challenging day was beginning to take its’ toll. But instead of crashing, Kyler was gearing up for some more fun and in the mood to lead his partners on a merry chase.

Besides, Patrick must have some oral meds that could do the job. After all, he knew of Kyler’s dislike of injections.

Another look passed between Patrick and Hugh and a silent message was exchanged. Patrick gave a slight nod and Hugh turned to Kyler. “Have some more meatballs, Kyler,” Hugh scooped up another spoonful and placed it on Kyler’s plate. “Clean that up, sweetheart. I don’t want any leftovers.”

Patrick smiled at their young lover, chewing slowly. “You need the strength, baby,” he taunted lightly.

Missing the exchange, Kyler hungrily finished the food on his plate, then pushed it away and got up from the table. “I’ll be right down,” he informed his partners as he walked out of the room. “I’m just going to change into jeans and get my other sneakers so I can go for a run.”

He took the stairs two at a time and rushed into the master bedroom, where he quickly changed out of his sleeping pants, slipped on clean socks and sat down on the end of the bed to put on his shoes. He was about to tie the laces of the second sneaker when the adrenaline high he’d been on came to a sudden halt. He fell backwards onto the bed with his feet hanging over the side. He was asleep before the shoe in his hand hit the floor with a soft thud.


Hugh and Patrick were in the living room when they heard the bedroom door open and the soft pad of feet coming down the stairs.

Hugh looked up from his newspaper and smiled at their sleepy-eyed and disheveled young lover. “Had a good nap, darling?”

Patrick had been watching TV and dozing but he sat up at Kyler’s entrance and patted the sofa next to him. “Come sit with me, Ky. You look still half asleep. You didn’t even wake when we undressed you and put your flannel sleep pants back on. So much for your going out for a run!”

“How’s the butt?” Hugh asked with a raised eyebrow and a lop-sided grin.

“Huh?” Kyler glanced quizzically at his oldest partner. He curled up against Patrick and yawned. “Why are you asking about my butt?” He scowled as he looked back and forth between the two men. Not being near long enough, the nap hadn’t achieved what one would hope. It had left Kyler tired, grumpy and in no mood for jokes or teasing.

The two Tops laughed at their Brat’s confusion.“Didn’t even feel it, did you, sweetheart?” Hugh remarked.

“Of course, he didn’t. Who administered the shot, may I ask? I have a perfect hand for this, if you must know!” Patrick boasted cheerfully, giving Kyler a quick kiss on the head.

“According to our very un-modest in-house doctor, the bites should subside by morning and you should be able to get a good night’s rest,” Hugh informed Kyler with a playful shake of the head at Patrick.

“And thankfully, so will we!” Patrick added with a grin.

“Are you shitting me?” Kyler demanded, indignantly. He felt taken advantage of and didn’t see any humour in the situation at all. In fact, it totally pissed him off and he was perfectly willing to let his partners in on his feelings. Overtired and unable to control his rising temper, his behaviour took a turn for the worse.

Getting to his feet, he turned and with hands on hips, glared down at them. “I don’t see anything funny about it!” He stomped his foot and pointed a finger accusingly at Patrick. “You had no business doing something like that to me when I was asleep. This is my body,” he hollered, jabbing himself in the chest with his thumb, “not yours!”

Kyler ran from the room, intent on going for the run that had been preempted by his falling asleep an hour ago. He didn’t care that it was getting dark out or that he was dressed only in a t-shirt and sleep pants; he just wanted space and time to work his way through what he was feeling.

Forgetting his other sneakers were still upstairs, Kyler angrily began throwing around the shoes lying around the back porch. This was where his Tops caught up to him and found themselves ducking flying missiles.

Patrick and Hugh had both jumped up and immediately gone after their Brat. When they saw how upset he was, throwing shoes and sandals at them, they stopped short and Patrick turned to Hugh, saying under his breath, “Let me handle this, Hugh. I gave him that shot. It’s me he’s mad at.”

Hugh looked undecided. “It’s not your fault,” he said as equally soft. “And that shot was for his own good. Didn’t matter if he was asleep or not; in fact better that he was asleep.” But at Patrick’s insistence, he backed down. “All right, you take care of this, babe. I’ll be in the living room.”

Patrick nodded his thanks and went quietly up to Kyler. He tried to catch hold of Kyler’s hands but the younger man kept brushing him away. “Ky!” Patrick started, sounding rather apologetic. “Listen, Ky, there is no reason to be so cross! I am sorry, okay? You were asleep and I thought that was the best time to do it. Well, you didn’t feel anything so I am glad. Come on! Don’t be like this. What are you doing? Come on back to the living room.” Patrick was trying to be very patient.

Kyler wasn’t in a frame of mind to accept Patrick’s apology. He was still feeling put out and resentful of being laughed at. “Just because you thought you were doing what was best for me, doesn’t make it right. And you damn well didn’t have to laugh about it!” he angrily muttered as he made a final search for his missing shoes. “I can’t find my fucking sneakers! To hell with them, I’m going out anyways. See ya later!” He grabbed for the door handle.

Still smiling gently, Patrick reached out and took a firm hold of Kyler’s arm. With seeming ease, he turned Kyler sideways and landed a stinging swat on his Brat’s bottom.

“You are not going anywhere, Kyler. Now let go of the door and look at me. Turn around. Now!” Patrick’s voice was low but very firm. It was not a voice he used often with Kyler, but he wanted to make sure it immediately caught the younger man’s attention.

Kyler had jumped at the swat. He obeyed instantly and turned disbelieving eyes up at his Top. He blinked in surprise as he rubbed at the handprint burning on his rear end and stammered, “W-what was that for?” Swatting this hard was something Hugh did, not Patrick.

“Would you like to repeat what you just said?” Patrick waited, fixing Kyler with a stern eye. He wasn’t angry and certainly didn’t sound it, but Kyler’s tone and language was unacceptable and Patrick had no intention of allowing his Brat to launch into a full-blown tantrum.

“Well?” he said, tapping a foot.

Kyler was somewhat taken back. “I’m sorry. I just didn’t expect you to smack me like that.” He chewed on his lower lip, wondering what would happen next. He was fully aware that Hugh would not have put up with this much insolence.

Patrick’s demeanor softened a bit at Kyler’s apology. He reached out and pulled the unresisting young man into his arms. “Come here you!” he said in a scolding tone which left no doubt of his affection for his subdued partner. “What are you so mad about, Ky? The shot was necessary and I would have insisted you got it awake or asleep. And we didn’t mean to laugh at you. But if we hurt your feelings, then let me say I’m sorry. It wasn’t intentional.” Patrick held Kyler tightly, soothing him with gentle strokes down his back.

Suddenly emotionally and physically exhausted, Kyler was embarrassed to feel his eyes fill up. “S’all right,” he tearfully mumbled against Patrick’s chest. Wrapping his arms around the older man, he softly requested, “Can I go back to bed now?”

Patrick heard the tears in his lover’s voice and held on a moment longer. He waited until Kyler was breathing easier before he replied. “Bed sounds like a very good idea, Ky. You are over-tired not only from the day’s activities, but also because of the incessant scratching and fretting. Not to mention that injection you got; it’s supposed to make you sleep better.”

He turned Kyler towards the front of the house and pushed him forward. They walked down the corridor to the foot of the stairs, pausing at the doorway of the living room. “Something you think you should be saying to Hugh before you go up, honey?” Patrick prompted softly.

Kyler nodded and slowly made is way over to man sitting on the large armchair. He climbed onto Hugh’s knee and wrapped his arms around Hugh’s neck. “Sorry,” he murmured and kissed his partner’s cheek. “I know my throwing a fit just because I’m pissed off is unacceptable.”

Hanging his head, Kyler toyed with the buttons on Hugh’s shirt. “Patrick is putting me to bed now, so guess I’ll say goodnight.” He glanced up, hoping to see that his oldest Top wasn’t too angry with him.

Hugh caught Kyler’s chin and held it so that Kyler couldn’t look away. Looking into Kyler’s eyes, he said in a firm voice, “That was a rather unnecessary display of temper, Kyler, and I do not expect to see it happen again, all right?”At Kyler’s nod, Hugh continued much gentler this time. “Come on, we’ll all go up to bed. It’s been a tiring day. I suggest we sleep in tomorrow and spend a quiet day in the house. You guys go on ahead and I’ll lock up.”


Kyler woke the next morning feeling much better; still a little itchy, but nothing like the night before. He eased himself out from between his partners and quietly tip-toed to the en suite. Returning to the bedroom, he smiled down at the sleeping men and decided to surprise them.

Twenty minutes later, he walked into the master bedroom carrying a large tray. “Wakey, wakey, guys. It’s after nine o’clock and the day is wasting away. Besides, I come bearing gifts,” Kyler announced. He put down the tray, lifted one of the cups of coffee and slowly passed it close to Hugh’s nose.

“Hmm, doesn’t that smell heavenly?” Kyler asked when one eye opened and glared up at him. “Your breakfast awaits, Patrick,” he merrily informed the man on the other side of the big bed.

It was not often the guys had breakfast in bed so this was a treat. The three of them did a good job clearing the tray and they leaned back against the headboard to finish their coffee.

“That was wonderful!” Hugh declared. “I don’t know why we don’t do this more often.”

Patrick rubbed his stomach with satisfaction. “Thank you very much for a wonderful treat, Ky!” He smiled his appreciation. “But that is about all the activity you are going to be doing today,” Patrick said as he examined Kyler’s arms and legs. “Rest and rest only for you today, young man!”

“Just rest? I hope not. That is unless you are both planning to ‘rest’ with me. Now that is something I could really go for.” Kyler chuckled and his face lit up in anticipation of a long day spent in his lovers’ arms doing whatever turned them on. He hastily gathered up the dishes and put the laden tray on the dresser. “Okay, wanna make love before we shower or after or during?”

In the end, they had sex before their shower and then again in the shower, their body heat steaming up the glass and bathroom tiles more effectively than the hot water.

Fully sated, Hugh and Patrick bundled Kyler into the living room and collapsed onto the sofa with their Brat sandwiched between them.

“Aah, I can just feel my bones relaxing; how wonderful the peace and quiet,” Patrick moaned softly. “No screaming patients, no hectic schedules, no emergencies, just perrrrrfect!”

Hugh grinned. “Yep, a perfectly restful Sunday; just what we need. Did someone get the papers?”

Patrick got up with another groan and obligingly went outside to fetch the papers. He was handing them to Hugh when the phone rang. “I’ll get it,” he offered.

Kyler was more than happy to let Patrick play manservant while he nestled against Hugh. They usually went out on Sundays, but a day home like this certainly held its’ own appeal. He was somewhat disheartened when Patrick came back from answering the phone to inform them Quinn was in need of medical attention, but consoled himself with the idea of having Hugh all to himself for a little while.

“Hope he’ll be okay,” Kyler sincerely voiced, determined to be mature in spite of feeling a little let down at Patrick having to go out. “I don’t think yesterday went quite the way Quinn expected it to. I wish it had ended better for him and James.”

Once Patrick had left the house, Hugh settled back with Kyler and snuggled, smooching on the sofa like teenagers. They were used to having one partner away, for work mostly or other engagements occasionally, thus leaving the other two to themselves; and sometimes it was rather nice. The different combinations now and again made things a little spicier.

They had just come up for air when the phone rang again.“Damn!” Hugh cursed under his breath. “Did Patrick forget his bag? No, I didn’t think so. You too saw him take it with him, didn’t you, Kyler?"

Leaving a slightly bemused Kyler on the sofa, Hugh got up and went into the hall to take the call. He stayed talking for a few minutes and when he came back into the room, he was frowning and looked apologetic. “Kyler, I am afraid something has come up at the school. I need to go in for a while, honey. Someone broke into the locker rooms and apparently trashed the place -up. The police have been called but I need to go check out what has or hasn’t been taken.”

“First Patrick and now you? That sucks!” Kyler complained as he got to his feet; a pout quickly replaced the look of contentment that moments before had been on his handsome face. This time disappointment overruled maturity and caused the young man’s mood to take a downward turn.

“Well, I don’t intend to spend the day on my own. With you guys gone, I am outta here as soon as I change my clothes,” he informed his partner.

Kyler was about to leave the room when a thought struck that brightened his disposition. “Hey, maybe I can go with you to the school, Hugh? What do ya say, huh?”

Hugh pulled Kyler to him and gave him a quick hug before saying with real sympathy, “I wish I could, honey, but I can’t. This is official business and I can’t have you around when we discuss details. Besides, I have no idea how long I will be stuck there and I don’t want you to have to kick your heels waiting for me. You’d be bored to death. You could at least watch TV or read at home. Anyway, Patrick has ordered a day of rest for you, remember? He will have my hide if I took you with me.”

Hugh smiled down at his young partner and brushed back his hair from his forehead so that he could lean down and plant a kiss there. “Patrick should be home soon. I don’t think the house-call to Quinn’s will take that long. Be good, okay? You know I wouldn’t go if I didn’t have to.”

Kyler sighed and relented. How could he argue when Hugh was being so loving and patient? Not that he was happy about it; far from it in fact.

“Okay, I’ll see you when you get back.” He gave his partner a weak smile and sent him on his way with a kiss. Then he spent the next several minutes flicking through the TV stations. “Shit, there’s nothing on. Like go figure,” he huffed and threw the remote control unto the coffee table. For some reason, he was feeling too antsy to sit and watch television anyway.

Kyler was in the kitchen making a PB&J sandwich when the phone rang. His eyes lit up and he grinned when recognizing the number. “Yo, Harry! What’s up, man?” He listened for a moment or two, his grin widening. “Yabetcha! I’m home alone and dying of boredom. I’ll be ready and waiting long before you and the twins get here. Bye!” He couldn’t get upstairs, changed and out of the house fast enough.


Recalling the look on Kyler’s face when he had heard his partner was going to the school, Hugh felt a pang of remorse. He wanted to make sure Patrick got home as soon as possible. So with one hand on the steering wheel, he pressed his speed dial and waited for his call to go through.“Patrick? Listen, I have a small emergency at the school. Yeah, I’m headed that way right now. I know, babe, and Kyler is definitely not happy about being left alone. Are you done with Quinn yet? Good. Just wanted to let you know I probably won’t be back for some time. I’ll see you later, okay? Love you!”

Patrick tapped his long fingers on his steering wheel after he had hung up. He was about fifteen minutes from home but on impulse he swung the car around. He had just passed the Dairy Queen and he knew how much Kyler enjoyed their ice-creams. He put in a double order for sundaes, with extra topping for Kyler, and felt very pleased with himself as he drove home. He usually avoided excessive sweets but this was a special treat for their Brat.

Patrick let himself into the house quietly, not wanting to wake Kyler in case he was asleep. “Ky?” he called softly, peeking into the living room. The TV was off and there was no sign of the Brat.

“Kyler!” he called again, this time a little louder as he checked the kitchen. Nothing. Patrick placed both sundaes in the freezer and took the stairs up to their room. “Honey?”

Meanwhile, Kyler was driving around the countryside with his friends. It sure beat staying home all day, especially since his partners had gone out.

After telling his pals about yesterday’s tubing adventures, they made plans to get a few more of the guys together and give it a try next weekend. Harry and the twins had ribbed him for missing out on last night’s activities which had ended up with them getting plastered. Secretly, Kyler didn’t feel he had missed a great deal as it sounded pretty much like something they had done numerous times before.

“Hey, Harry, how come you’re sticking to the back roads when the highway would get us to the quarry a lot faster?” Kyler laughingly asked as the truck hit another large pothole, causing him and Ronnie to bounce in the backseat and almost hit the roof.

He heard the sirens before any of the others had a chance to respond. “What are the cops doing out here?” Kyler wondered out loud. Suddenly suspicious when Harry pulled over, Kyler leaned forward and accusingly demanded. “What the hell have you guys been up to?”

The answer had him dropping back in his seat with a thud. Of all the stupid stunts they had pulled during high school and since, this took the prize. Kyler felt like he had been punched in the stomach. He cringed as Officer Chandi Barrett stepped up next to the driver’s window.

While Kyler was driving happily around with his pals, Patrick was trying to get him on his cell phone. He tapped one foot impatiently as he listened to the ring tone. It went into voicemail. Patrick tried a second time and again it went into voicemail. Frustrated, he left a message for Kyler to call him back. Then he called Hugh and quickly brought him up to date.

“Hang on, Patrick. I am on my way back right now actually and should be there in about ten minutes. The police determined that it was more of a prank than a serious crime. Some of the smaller items were taken but looks pretty random. No major damage, so they wrapped things up pretty quickly. I should be home in a bit. Don’t go out looking for Kyler. Wait for me to get back first, okay?”

Reluctantly, Patrick agreed. He hated sitting around waiting but he knew there was not much point in going out as he had no clue where to look. He filled in the time with calling some of Kyler’s friends but no one had seen him.

“Just wait till I get my hands on you!” Patrick growled to no one in particular. He got up quickly as he heard the crunch of tires.


Kyler nervously walked back and forth one more time. He’d been questioned by Chandi and left in a small room to cool his heels. He didn’t know where Harry, Donnie and Ronnie were or what was happening to them. Kyler had proclaimed his innocence and fortunately, his friends had back up his claims; although he still didn’t know for sure if they had been believed.

While he paced, Kyler sank deeper into an introspective mood and one of self-recrimination. For a few years now, his Uncle Kipper had been advising him to reconsider his choice of friends. Advice he had repeatedly turned a deaf ear to, but now found himself rethinking that advice.

Having had to turn over the contents of his pockets, including his cell-phone, Kyler had pleaded with Chandi to call Hugh and Patrick but worried that the officer might not have bothered.

Pulling out a chair, Kyler slumped down on it and buried his head in his folded arms he had placed on the table. “Please, come and get me soon, guys,” he softly whispered his pleas, wishing his partners could hear him. He couldn’t remember ever having regretted disobeying a direct order as much as he was regretting Patrick’s to stay home and rest.


“Oh, it’s you.” Patrick’s shoulders slumped when he saw Hugh come up the back steps.

“Well!” Hugh exclaimed as he walked through the door Patrick was holding open. “Thank you, that’s some welcome!” But he smiled as he said it and after pushing the door close, he pulled his partner over and kissed him soundly on the mouth. “Any news of the Brat?” he inquired.

Patrick returned the kiss and then placed his forehead against Hugh’s. “No, damn it! He is not answering his cell and I have no idea where he could have taken off to. Didn’t I tell him to stay put and to rest? Didn’t I say he was not to go out today?” he demanded crossly.

Hugh chuckled. “Yes, sweetheart, you did. And for your information, I did too, if that makes you feel better. I reminded him just before I left. Our Brat is definitely in trouble. He knows he is not supposed to disappear like this. But Patrick,” Hugh took the other man’s hand and led him into the living room where they sat down together on the sofa. “Brats do that. They are often rash and impulsive as they tend to act first and think later. It’s not personal. Kyler did not set out to disobey you. He just disobeyed. Okay?”

Patrick sighed and leaned heavily against his long-time lover, feeling good with Hugh’s arm around him.


At the police station, Chandi finished writing up the statements he had taken from the four young men. He had no reason to doubt Kyler’s and picking up on how upset that young man was becoming, Chandi decided to place the requested phone call before facing the guilty parties. After dialing, Chandi shuffled through the papers on his desk while waiting for someone to answer.

Patrick and Hugh both started to get up when the phone rang. Hugh was faster. “I'll get it,” he announced rather firmly, lifting a finger. Patrick sank back onto the sofa while Hugh went into the hallway and picked up the phone.

“Hello, this is Officer Barrett. May I please speak to either Hugh Jackson or Dr. Patrick Dean? It concerns your partner, Kyler Jamieson.”

“Yes, this is Hugh Jackson. Oh, I see,” Hugh glanced fleetingly at Patrick, who grimaced and got up to stand beside him.“I understand,” Hugh continued. “Yes of course. Thank you very much. Yes, I’d appreciate that. Right, we will be there as soon as we can. Thanks once again!”

“What?” Patrick cried out as soon as Hugh hung up. “Is it Kyler? Is he all right?”

At the station, Chandi quietly entered the room he had left Kyler in and smiled when the young man looked at him somewhat warily. “Your partners are on their way over, Kyler. I spoke to Hugh but didn’t give him a lot of information, just told him you were fine.”

“Thanks.” Kyler’s choked-out reply was almost inaudible so he cleared his throat and tried again. “Thanks, Chandi.” Kyler dropped his head back down on his arms and listened as the officer left the room. He really had mixed feeling about his Tops’ pending arrival.

“I am in such deep shit, but just wanna go home and feel safe again,” he mumbled to himself. “God, what are they gonna do to me for pulling this stunt?”

Meanwhile, Hugh filled Patrick in on what he had been told on the phone during the drive over to the police station.“Kyler’s fine so there’s no need to worry. The officer didn’t say much else; just that he got picked up with some other guys, no one’s hurt but we need to be get there.”

Patrick shook his head in shock and kept silent.

As soon as they arrived at the station, they went straight to the desk and asked for Officer Barrett.

“Hello,” Chandi replied from the other side of the desk. “I’m Officer Barrett. You must be Kyler’s partners; didn’t take you long to get here. I’ll fill you in and then take you to Kyler.” Getting signs of agreement from the two men, Chandi proceeded. “As a result of some information we received from a witness to the break-in at the high school, we have been able to apprehend the young men responsible for the crime. Unfortunately, Kyler was with them at the time of the arrest. However, we’ve substantiated Kyler’s claim of innocence and he is free to go.”

Understanding the look of curiosity on the men’s face, Chandi added, “As suspected, the break-in was a prank. Apparently, the three young men who perpetrated it had a little too much to drink last night and had accepted a dare. Everything taken has been recovered but will be kept as evidence. It is most likely that the culprits will be appearing in the Kelowna Court sometime next week. That is all I can tell you at this time. If you will follow me, I will take you to Kyler. I believe he is rather anxious to see you.”

For a brief moment, Hugh’s and Patrick’s fingers touched, brushing lightly against one another. That's all that was needed to communicate to one another their relief. They exchanged a look and smiled when the officer said Kyler was free to go.

Hugh nodded his head. “Thanks, Officer! We are indeed glad to hear that.”

“And we can see him now?” Patrick inquired quietly, trying to keep the impatience out of his voice.

Kyler lifted his head when he heard the door opening. He saw Patrick push past Chandi and rush into the room. Kyler was on his feet and in his lover’s arms in a heartbeat.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he murmured over and over again as he clung to the slightly bigger man. Kyler was shaking and the tears he had fought so hard to keep at bay, now flowed in hot paths down his cheeks.

Patrick immediately engulfed Kyler in a bear hug and whispered in his ear. “It’s okay, babe. Everything is fine.”

Hugh turned to speak to the man in uniform, deliberately giving his two partners a few moments alone. “So is there any other paperwork we need to take care of, Officer?” He kept Chandi engaged for a few moments before joining Patrick and Kyler.

Patrick pressed a quick kiss on Kyler’s head, not really caring if anyone saw. He just wanted his young partner to stop trembling. “We can go home now, Ky. The officer says you are free to leave with us, right Hugh?”

“That’s right. Come on then, let’s get out of here,” Hugh responded.

Kyler released his death gripe on Patrick’s shirt, wiped his eyes with the back of his hands and turned to follow Hugh. The only thing he had to do was stop at the desk and pick up the manila envelope with his personal belongings in it. All three of them exited the room, anxious to be heading out of the station.

After collecting his things, Kyler glanced uncertainly at Hugh before hesitantly slipping his hand into his partner’s bigger one. He smiled contentedly when Hugh tightened his gripe. They were going home and at that moment in time, nothing matter more to Kyler.

They didn’t speak much on the way home, the air having suddenly become a little tense once they were clear of the police station. Hugh drove and Patrick sat in the back, letting Kyler sit in the front passenger seat next to Hugh.

“Home!” Hugh anounced as he swept into the driveway. He glanced over at Kyler who seemed to shrink a little into the soft leather.

Patrick got out first and was holding the car door open for Kyler as he watched the young man slowly unbuckle his seat belt and get out of the car. “Come on, Kyler. Move it. We need to have a little talk.”

Kyler glazed up at Patrick and frowned slightly. There was something different about the man but Kyler wasn’t quite able to put his finger on what it was.

“Yeah, I know we do,” he answered quietly and headed into the house. “I just wanna get a cold drink first, okay?” he pulled some OJ out of the fridge and opened the freezer compartment to get a couple of ice cubes. “Hey, who’s is this?” he asked, holding up the ice cream treat he’d found. It didn’t look like something his Tops would eat; well not Patrick for sure.

Hugh looked with interest at the ice cream tub, but Patrick shook his head and went to put the container back in the freezer and close the door. “Finish your juice, Ky. Then come into the living room. Hugh and I have a few things we wish to discuss with you.”

Hugh sighed, but let Patrick herald him into the living room, mumbling softly under his breath.

“What?” Patrick asked, eyes narrowing.

Hugh gave a mock groan. “Just thinking how good that ice cream looked. Did you get my favourite type?”

“Yes!” Patrick glared at his partner and then attempted to punch his arm. “Will you be serious?”

Hugh laughed and apologized immediately. “I’m sorry, honey. Go on, you are doing fine! I am behind you all the way!”

Patrick rolled his eyes and then pushed Hugh towards the sofa while he himself took the single high-back chair in the living room to wait for Kyler to follow.

Deciding to get this over with, Kyler trailed behind the older two men and took a seat on the other end of the sofa. He sat slowly toying with his glass and wiping off the condensation as it formed, sadly shaking his head.

“Uncle Kipper often told me those guys were bound to get in deep shit some day. They’re gonna end up with criminal records, you know. That will make it harder to get a decent job. It will make getting across the border into the States almost impossible; dumbasses, anyway. But at least they stuck up for me at the cop shop and didn’t get me in any trouble; well not with the law, that is.”

Hugh hid a smile at Kyler’s guile and waited for Patrick to respond.

“Your Uncle Kipper is a wise man,” Patrick said, looking straight at Kyler. “However, we are not going to be talking about Uncle Kipper tonight. Kyler, what were you doing out with your friends when I had told you to stay home and rest?”

There was a long silence while both Tops waited for Kyler to answer.

Kyler shrugged. “I didn’t feel like staying home on my own, so when Harry called and told me they were coming around to pick me up, I said okay and got ready. I wanted to tell them about the fun we had yesterday and see if we could get a bunch of friends together and give it a whirl next weekend. We weren’t out much more than twenty minutes when we heard the sirens. Guess you know pretty much what happened after that.”

He sat forward and rested his chin in his hand while staring down at the carpet. “Wish the hell I had stayed home,” he mumbled before lifting his head to face Patrick. “I’m really sorry for disobeying you, Patrick. I just don’t know what else to say.” He chewed his lower lip, trying to quell the guilt eating at his stomach. Now that he was safe and no longer afraid, the remorse for his actions was overwhelming.

“Well you should have,” Patrick said. “Stayed home, that is,” he further clarified. “Can you tell me why I asked you to stay home in the first place?”

“Because I got too much sun yesterday and too many bug-bites and I was over-tired.” Kyler squirmed. “But I was feeling fine today.”

Patrick shook his head at his younger partner. “Kyler, that’s not how it works and you know it. It doesn’t matter that you felt fine today. I asked you not to go out. Now, did I not make that clear?”

“Yes, you made it clear enough,” Kyler answered in a small voice.

“And that is all that matters,” Patrick said gently. “Our job is to take care of you and to make sure you understand what we say. Your job is to obey us.”

“I understand, Patrick, and I said I was sorry.”

Patrick looked over at Hugh, who had remained silent throughout and just observing. He now gave Patrick a slight nod of encouragement.

Patrick took a breath and then said, “I hear you, Ky. I know you are sorry. But disobeying is not something that is acceptable in our household and you know it.”

Kyler nodded his acceptance. He knew Patrick was right. The rules and consequences had been mutually agreed upon by all three men.

Patrick got slowly to his feet and then paused to look down at Kyler. “I have just one more question. Why did you not answer your cell phone? I called several times.’

“I had it set to vibrate instead of ring. But that dirt road we were driving on was so bad, it fell out of my pocket and I didn’t notice until Chandi told us to get out of the truck.”

Patrick considered the response and found it logical. He could hardly blame the poor kid if his phone fell off. But before he could open his mouth to respond, Hugh interrupted.“I recall that I too asked you to stay put, Kyler. In fact, I specifically said no when you wanted to go with me to the school and that you were not to leave the house because Patrick had told you not to. Because you chose not to listen to both of us, you landed yourself in the police station.”

Hugh glanced up at Patrick and said deliberately, “Do you know how anxious Patrick was when he came back to an empty house? And on top of that, he couldn’t get you on your cell phone?” He hoped this would give Patrick some additional resolve to carry out what he needed to do. He knew well enough how tough it was sometimes to have to mete out punishments.

“I know Patrick couldn’t get a hold of me and I am sorry. I asked Chandi to call you as soon as possible. I would have left a note but I was in a hurry.”

“I see; in a hurry before either one of us came back, I suppose?” Hugh said, hardly able to disguise the amusement in his voice.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Kyler ruefully admitted.

Patrick threw a cross glance over at Hugh as he leaned down and brushed his lips against Kyler’s hair. He needed some time alone with their older partner to make sure they were going about this as they should, this being new ground for him.

“Kyler, can you please go upstairs and wait in the spare room? I need to discuss something with Hugh. I will be up in a minute.”

“Go on, babe,” Hugh said. “We won’t keep you waiting long; promise.”

Kyler glanced from one partner to the other before slowly getting to his feet and leaving the room. Upstairs, he dropped down heavily on the bed where he lay on his back with one arm covering his eyes and waited for one of his Tops to join him.

They waited until the spare room door had closed before they spoke.“I think you need to do this, Patrick,” Hugh said without waiting for Patrick to ask.

“He did disobey both of us,” Patrick responded.

“I know, but that’s okay. It’s not science; there is no sequence we have to follow. It’s up to us how we want to get this done. Besides, you told him to stay put first; I just echoed you. I say you go on up there, put him across your knee and give him the spanking he deserves.”

Patrick nodded; a crooked smile on his face. “Yes, Hugh, I will do that. Do you want to come up as well? I was in the room when you spanked him the other time.”

Hugh gave the question a moment’s consideration and then shook his head. “No, Patrick,” he said firmly. “I think you should go alone. I know you will be fine. Just go with your gut; your instincts will take you through. Remember that he is scared and sorry too. You need to make it right for him because you are his Top.”

Patrick came to Hugh and gave him a quick hug. “Thanks, darling.” Then he walked up the stairs, back straight and his footsteps sure and steady.

Kyler’s stomach tightened as he listened to the footsteps on the stairs coming steadily closer. He kept his arm over his eyes when he heard the door open, removing it only when he felt the presence of someone standing beside the bed. He looked up and gazed steadily into Patrick’s eyes, waiting for the older man to make the next move.

Patrick extended a hand to Kyler and pulled him up to a sitting position. “Sit up, Ky,” he said, sitting himself down on the bed next to his Brat. Their shoulders touched. Neither spoke, sharing a moment of silence where each knew what the other had to do.

Finally, Patrick let go a breath and softly instructed. “Okay, Ky, let’s get this done. Pants down please.”

Kyler reluctantly stood up and removed his jeans, leaving them in a pile on the floor. Next, he slowly lowered himself over Patrick’s lap and laid his head on his folded arms.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured one last time, clenching his bottom in expectation of the first smack.

“I know," Patrick gently replied, his voice sympathetic. He automatically began to draw Kyler’s underwear down, exposing the creamy white buttocks that he was so familiar with. He felt Kyler tense, but without giving it anymore thought and simply following his instincts, he raised his hand and brought his palm firmly down. The smack was loud in the room and so was his Brat’s yelp. It didn’t feel wrong or weird that he should be inflicting pain on his loved one. It felt right, his chastising his younger lover for having blatantly disobeyed him.

He concentrated on where his palm landed. The creamy white flesh began to turn rosy and he moved his hand down to the crease between buttocks and upper thighs. He made sure both sides of the cheeks were covered, ignoring his own smarting palm.

“Are we clear on obeying orders now, Kyler?" Patrick paused to ask, his hand resting a moment on the heated flesh.

“Y-yes!” Kyler managed to gasp out. He reached around to try and block any more swats landing on his already sore bum. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take without bursting into tears. He had somehow managed to stay rather stoic up to this point.

“Ah-uh,” Patrick clicked his tongue as he saw Kyler’s hand reach behind him. “Hands in front please, Kyler!” he ordered. He waited for his Brat to obey, his palm still on young man’s warm butt.

When he was sure Kyler wasn’t going to move again, he landed another six swats on the squirming backside, putting more strength into his arm than he had in his previous spanks. He saw his Brat’s shoulders shake and knew he was done. He reached down and held Kyler close after pulling him up against his chest.

Kyler clung on to Patrick’s neck, liberally applying tears and other secretions to the older man’s shirt. After squirming to find a comfortable airy space to put his backside and spending a few moments of quietly crying, Kyler settled down into the safe haven of his Top’s strong arms .

“Are we okay now, Patrick? Are you still mad at me?” he quietly asked several minutes later.

“Yes, we’re okay and I am not mad at you, honey,” Patrick replied spontaneously, without the slightest hesitation. “Why would you even ask that?”

“Well, am I forgiven enough to have the ice cream you bought me earlier?” Kyler asked hopefully. He pushed himself to his feet and pulled up his boxers, but decided to leave his jeans where they were.

Patrick nodded understandingly. He turned Kyler around and lowered the underwear enough to examine his Brat’s backside.

“I wanna go talk to Hugh for a bit. Is he still downstairs?”

“Yes, go talk to Hugh and I will get you that ice cream. You’ve probably guessed right; it’s your favorite flavor!” He scooped up the jeans and began to fold them neatly.

Knowing Patrick would soon be following him, Kyler quickly made his way down the stairs but paused briefly outside the living room. He waited for Hugh to look up and then rush over to crawl onto the older man’s lap. “Patrick and I are okay now, Hugh. Is everything all right with you and me as well?”

Hugh grinned as he hugged Kyler. “Brat!”" he murmured as he landed a playful swat on Kyler’s backside. “Count yourself lucky you got off with only one spanking! If you disobey both of us again, be forewarned; both Patrick and I will spank you. Do you understand?”

Kyler blinked at the warning. “Got it!” he easily concurred. He grinned when he saw Patrick enter the room with the promised treat and hand it to him.

Smiling at the gooey mixture of soft ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chopped nuts, marshmallow topping and a cherry, Kyler enthusiastically dipped in the spoon. His smile widened as he glanced up at his partners. “Wanna share?” he generously offered.

The End

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